Fab Gold Madagascar

I try to burn a copy of Madagascar with my DVD Fab Gold. When it starts to “copy main movie” the software ceases to respond. It just freeezes. I burned Christmas with the Kranks a minute before and it worked and I burned it again after I tried Madagascar and it works. Seems to freeze only with Madagascar. Any of you that are experienced with this help me out? Thanks

Madagascar has caused problems to many…definitely one of the tougher copy protections seen recently. I haven’t tried to back it up myself, but there are numerous threads re: this. The old fab forum was lost, but I’d do a search here on cdfreaks. Maybe someone who used fab to bkup will jump in.

For starters:

I had no problems backing up Madagascar with Fab. I only backed up the main movie, however, and I gather the content scrambling of the full disc is what causes the problems for many people. Same with Polar Express, so I gather, though I had no problems with that one either.

An alternative method is to rip the disc with Decrypter and then burn with either Fab, or Shrink, depending on your preferences.