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Well, thanks again for cdfreaks for their hospitality. I guess Fab still can’t get their forum right - works, doesn’t work, hacker, other issues - unknown. Only vendor seen having these repeated issues though, disappointing at best. This morning doesn’t default to the three forums for choice, can’t view posts, ect.

Larry, I feel the same way. It seems strange that Fab is only vendor’s forum having problems. More disappointing is that Fengtao has not posted an update as to what is going on with the forum. I see he did come on and post when someone recommended other products. I saw a post by him on another forum that did not mention the problems. Also saw a post was made by admin on Fab forum, but could not open it. It appears that people are having better success on some movies with the free DVDFab Decrypter and an older version of DVD Shrink that with the registered products. I do not regret purchasing Fab, but do regret that I bought several other programs from him thinking that I would be covered in all areas. I now wish that I had just bought Express or at most Platinum then I would have more to explore other products. I bought a bundle with DVDIdle Pro, Ultra DVD, and Audio DVD creator adding up to$129.00. I am at a stuck point now wondering if I need to start buying other products. I find all kind of support for other products on forums, but next time I buy something I am going to search more and try to make sure they are not in a dispute with other products. It was good to see a familiar name over here Larry.


Hey Mack, thanks for the friendly voice. I concur with Fab, they may be struggling, but a little heads up post to users, especially longtime like a few of us, would be appreciated. I invested $60 and agree, no regrets. But I was looking to the long road, one product, one solution, and they seeemed eager and aggressive to accomplsih. Haven’t given up, just looking for some stability overall. Take care.

Larry, I would be more relieved if he would just post a simple message here or on his product support site letting us know he is still looking out for our needs. I hope it all gets resolved soon as it is a good program. As for the forum it is my belief that he needs to restrict access to the forum so person has to give a legit email address and not be able to register as administrator etc. Too many guests and anonymous users on days before it went down.


Mack, 10-4 (I agree) on the “guests”, I don’t remember that on the original forum, and really nobody else allows, except for “viewing posts”. Just checked tonight, and still doesn’t work. And where is Tom??? Oh well, Saturday nite (at least east coast US), and he probably has a life!! By the way, did get Madagascar, and was able with to backup up “main movie” with express - plays fine.

Yeah, I went there a few times but cannot read any posts. One time “admin” who I assume was Fengtao was logged in. I am in the Eastern time zone too. If we can get Tom to start posting here again, I think we could pretty much figure out any problems we have. Like you I usually just backup the main movie. I just bought the DLs because I wanted to experiment and Newegg had a deal on 25 pack of ink jet printable Ridatas for $43.99 shipped and a Ridata carrying case that holds 24 disks as a free gift. The case was what I really wanted and it is worth about $15.00. I was looking for one to carry my to carry my computer repair cds in. I sent another message to support asking about the forum and I will email Tom tomorrow. Found a database run by the people at Digital Video that has info on several movies such as type DVD they are on, the audio tracks, etc http://www.dvdloc8.com/ it is free but you have to register.


Hey guys,

My wife and I finally got a 3-4 day weekend together…away from the kids, the dog, everything…first time in 20 years! We went about 70 miles up the coast - Camden, Maine…a quaint, old, New England seacoast town…also did “Christmas by the Sea” festival. Rented a great place overlooking the gorgeous coast called the jacuzzi cabin at “The Lodge at Camden Hills”. I can’t recommend this place highly enough…just perfect for couples.

Anyway, it looks like Fengtao’s forum is not even working marginally now, like it did the last couple of weeks or so. Looks like this is our new home.

Thanks again to cdfreaks for helping us out…again!!!


I left you a welcome message in another section here that you replied to. Yeah Fab Forum is useless now, but glad we have some of the serious users coming over here and together maybe we can keep backing up our movies.


Definitely sounds like a plan!


Tom/Mack, seriously thinking about going the slysoft way - with their issues (if not intentional), feel bad for Fent - but this is getting ridiculous. As Mack and I discussed, no word from them about current issues ect, and that is not fair to users. By now they should understand that bulk of users/posters CAN be patient where needed, but silence causes distrust, and lack of faith in a product/vendor.

Hey larry, I agree with you…totally. As you may recall, back when things were bleak with Fengtao, I picked up AnyDVD and couldn’t be happier. Still use express quite a bit for the smaller file, non-blockbuster type movie…otherwise it’s DL with AnyDVD and DVDD or Img…flawless Bkup everytime and “NO” issues.

Fengtao really needs to do a better job with customer support…minimally, at least acknowledge the concern but he/they really should be providing some level of support…I mean not even an acknowledgment at this point!!!, but we,ve been thru this before and I will not devote the kind of time and energy we did last time


I myself have been using DVDFab products for the better part of a year and have been happy with the results for the most part, but with the way things are going now, with basically no support at all, it’s eventually going to be the cause of noone using DVDFab products.

Yeah, Fengtao had some great products though not perfect, they did a good job most of the time. I realize products need support, just look at Windows. I know Fengtao is a lot smaller, but as stated before ignoring the problem is not the solution. I think it is bad when you see Fengtao respond to problems with his free products on another forum and ignore paying users. I’m not sure which way that I will go, but I have been doing a lot of reading. I learned the fre version of DVDFab Decryter used with an older version of DVD Shrink has backed up movies that our paid products will not. I will try to experiment with products that I already own befor buying other products. There are plugins being made to extend the life of DVD Decrypter. I also have DVDIdle Pro that may work in place of Any DVD, but not ruling that program out for now. I find it disappointing that the only reply that Fengtao has made here this time was when Any DVD was mentioned. I have the Fab error codes in the printable HTML format if anyone need them PM me. Good thing I saved them when I printed them out. I do know that DVD95 is giving Fab products away wit the purchase of their program, so am wonder if that conflict was responsible for forum crash. It does not appear hacked this time, but just bad links to pages within the forum. Every time that I check there are several guest reported to be online.


Does anyone know for sure if they have just abandon us customers and ran. So much for lifetime support and updates.

Not sure what is happening, the sales and downloads etc are still on line, so if we see an update that will be good. I do know that DVD95 is offering Fengtao products for a reduced price and free if you purchase their products so there appears to be a dispute between at least 2 venders.


Oh well, one more bad omen. I’m looking for new updates as well, just to see some sign of life at Fengtao.
I doubt I have to suggest this, but if anyone spots an update, please post a notice on this forum.



It appears that the Fab forum is back up, http://www.dvdidle.com/forum/

Thanks for the info, fab’s forum is up and seems to be functioning ok.