Fab Express Playback problems

Hey All, I was wondering if somebody could enlighten me as too why, I can not seem to get a backed-up dvd to play w/out problems after using Fab express? I use any other software and I have no problems. They all are very choppy and freeze, and sometimes lock the dvd player up. Fab Express is not reading out any errors, and all of the dvd is indeed there, but I can’t get it too playback good. P.S. I do not wan’t to hear anything on " types of blank discs " because like I said, I have a 2 other programs that do it just fine, on the same type of discs. please help, I would like to continue using FabExpress, seeing as how I did pay for it. if any other info is needed, let me know.

One possible difference among programs is write speed. Without knowing your specifics I would guess Fab burns at highest speed in your system while others don’t.

I’m having same issues. DVDFabExpress doesn’t see any errors so nothing shows up in log. But playback tested on several machines gives consistent freezes. One out of 5 backups will work fine…that’s not very good. I tried Verbatim disks, removed Roxio…and feel more expert tech support is in order.
And yes, slowed speed to lowest. :rolleyes:

If you can play back the copy from your hard drive with no problems, then the problem has to be with the burn process, the media, or the players. Get few good RW discs. Use them until you figure out your problem.

My speed is set to the lowest. and I have changed brands to many times for nothing. 1click burns copies flawlessly on the same media that fab screws up. If anything, it must be a setting within fab?

Try following the instructions posted in:

[B]Read first: If you have burning problems with DVDFab[/B]

IClick uses VSO burning engine too. The recommended instructions may be dated, but the download links contain the newest version.