FAB Fails in Verify mode

Chronicals of Narnia Prince Caspian / Step Brothers both experiance Burn failures in verify in Movie only, full disk and clone on both of my computers. Not sure if the iso mode does a verify but all trials where successfull in .iso mode.
This is not a burner or disk problem as both computers are long time users of the software from all previos versions. Note that the failed burns play OK. Posibly a software glitch.
Thanks for the ausome software. Keep up the good work. Thanks Glenn

I ran the Movie Wanted as well haveing the same problems. Glenn

Movie “Wanted” Clone Dual layer: Crashes durring finalize: "Please close the tray of drive D. Drive D will not open, as it is locked by software. When cancelled is click Process Pailed appears.

Contimplating compleat un-install and a clean install. Any other suggestions

When I did clone DL it copied ok but didn’t finialize, I checked disc and it said it was closed but durning play back it shut down my dvd player and locked it up so had to unplug player and plug back up in order to remove disc, I then did movie only and after it finialized it shut down my computer and restarted it but it played ok in the dvd player so something is funny about this disc

Occasionally I have these same problems with previos versions. It’s a little frustationing but it still works. I am shure the next version will fix the problem. Glenn

I have had simualer problems in the past. Not knowing the inner workings of the software there are 2 issues affecting me with this verion. They are posibly linked to a comon software issue. Crashes - during verify. Crashes during finalize. I see from someone elses thread they are propibly waiting for the disk to finalize. Useing CTRL Alt Delete and the task manager to shut down the frozen software or drive releases the software hold on the drive allowing you to open it. the disk does not show finalized or in other cases verified. However they play 100%. Just a little glitch. Technology is every changing to be number 1 we must change with it. there will be a few hick-ups along the way. Todays new movies are tomorrows ausome software. Keep up the good work.

Further testing is needed BUT a clean install on one of my computers yelded a successfull burn in Movie only DL on the Wanter movie. When the software button Finnish was pushed the software was confused by the 2 remaining diskes in the computer and produced a Error report screen when clossed. Glenn

I think I will give up. Clean install on both computers. Step Brothers Failed on one Wanted on the other. Failed diskes play OK. Hopefully next week will bring less frustartion with a new movie and a new software version.

Wanted During finalize - Task_3 failed Error = 100

Just the idea that the proccess failed made me keep trying to find the problem and solution. Non was found. However I did a SL .iso then burned back to disk. this compleated successfully on both computers with Wanted & Cronicals of Narnia. Trying to find & fix the problem left me with a large stck of movies that all play. I am sure the problem with my computers will go away with the next version. Glenn