F1 Season 2006



Well, it’s time for that yearly thread again. What do you all think about the new regs? Who’s gonna win tomorrow?

More, after these messages…


I think young Jensen Button might surprise a few this season.


ok can i say i’m all for Michael Schumacher after all he drives a cute red Ferrari :smiley: so i root for the cute cars…sometimes they do win


I think you maybe right. Now they have taken all the crap out of the cars the real drivers are popping up and the ones like Michael Schummacher (who I always thought was a poor driver, the only time he started winning was when the legend Senna past on) are showing us thier real driving skills like driving into walls and stuff without all the help


I predict Team Torro Rosso will be in the top 10 with their restricted V10!!


SuperAguri will win every race! :bigsmile:
Honda looks sharp judging by the training results.


I’m going for the Red Bull team and D.C. :iagree:
They have Ferrari power this season and a new car designer.


will be delighted to see Schumacher shunted aside by fresh faces. But, watch the Germans suddenly lose interest in F1…just as (veering slightly off-topic here) is currently happening with the lead-up to the World Cup…they´ve performed so badly that suddenly every patriotic German (modern oxymoron!) denies being the slightest bit interested in the sport.
Maybe the World Cup should get its own thread now too…just so we can watch the Germans and Brits sling mud at each other, while the Italians and Brazilians brag…


[QUOTE=deanimator]…just so we can watch the Germans and Brits sling mud at each other, QUOTE]

That would be the English not the Brits!! Scotland did not qualify - again!!


Sorry…a typical dummkopf error. Yes…never confuse the Scots with the Poms!



Not a problem :slight_smile: - Still watching the timings Torro Rosso looking good - I bet if they do too well the FIA will make them switch to a V8 or restrict them in some other way!

Edit - okay they never made the top 10 - shows how much I know!


I’m hoping my man (Monty as always) has significantly more fuel than those in front. I have a feeling that the Ferraris and Button may be on less fuel, but Alonso’s way of handling the session suggested that he may also be running heavy.



They were proably farting around down there to not stir up buzz. Just wait until tomorrow, being able to cart around at 4-5000 RPM less on every straight for every lap must payout in the long run.

Also, in steadfast McLaren tradition, Kimi’s car breaks. With the new and improved qualification systems, still some things never change.


And of course we will have a world cup thread once all that white gunk goes away.


I feel sorry for Kimi, he drives pretty much impeccably, and then the car always seems to tear itself to pieces or go KABOOM!


Alonso … there you have a winner!!!


Hi :slight_smile:
Tyre changing back = Micheal Schumacher back :iagree:
Dee-27 being patriotic will only mean one thing. If you put money on it, you’ll be poorer at the end of the season. :stuck_out_tongue:


On a slightly related note, does anyone know if the 2006 Montoya Cap is out yet? The McLaren website still shows last years and the only seller on eBay is selling (as far as I can tell) fake ones (I think this as looking to what he sold last year looked nothing like the official one).


So who will win? I’m thinking Massa, since it’d be fun to have some new faces in. Ye olde Schumacher (the red one) will probably win, but one can hope…


See even Airy likes the red car :slight_smile:

maybe i should add here…i just started watching F-1 towards the end of last season…so my guess is soley based on car color and make…:slight_smile: