F1 season 2005



Here is what you all have been waiting for since that next greatest thing happened! Formula One is on again and what a interesting season it will be, with the new regulations its an open racing class again and not the international Ferrari mastership. All from the new qualifying sessions to the new motor and tire regulations, I feel this will turn out good for the championship.

So the first race of the season was run this sunday and Renault prooved that their car handles even better than previous seasons and now they have the raw power in their engine to make their R25 a real winner.
I was happily suprised by Red Bulls success, I wouldnt have expected such great performance from an “old Jaguar” this early. Hopefully Coulthard will finish on the podium next time and avoid the dreaded 4th place.

As for those red cars, Michael Schumacher did not impress. They do run last years car with a few modifications but Barrichello used the material much better and Michaels highway-driving these last few seasons have made him into somewhat of a dinosaur I think. He got himself knocked off the track by being arrogant, yet again he persuaded (or intimidated ;)) the track marshals to push him out again. This is the second time, will FIA really need to put in an ammendment to the rulebook that says “this includes Michael Schumacher as well”?

He wasnt a safetyhazard and such should have been force to take a scooter back to the pits. I hope the track personnel in Malaysia gets a more thorough rundown of the rules.

And speaking of Malaysia, I ask myself how many engines will survive the next competition. Malaysia is hot and humid and not a friendly enviroment for a already half finished engine :smiley:

All in all I feel this will be the best season so far in this millenia :slight_smile:

(PS. Who else thinks the new Mclaren is the nastiest thing to appear since that six-wheeled Tyrell? Those devil-horns… :stuck_out_tongue: )


its probebly to early to say but i think with the 2 race engine and no tyre changes rules the races could turn out to be a procesion and very boring.


F1? That’s a key on my keyboard. :iagree:


The race in melbourne was a feeler, the teams did not know much about their different tactics and so the first part of the race was a bit of a string. But processions are still much better than red cars lapping the number 4 car 51 times in a race. But as we progress into the season we will see more fights. And next race will be very interesting :slight_smile:


Real sports cars are still RED!


No they are blue and yellow! Either that or they give you wings :stuck_out_tongue:


Just my Oppinion
I think you will see less overtaking action at curve entrance. The point was that youd delay braking before the curve and overtake your opponent and then go to the pit (some laps later) and change tyres. But with new rules delaying to brake at the entrance of the curve would be too much a risk. You dont want to make “flatspots” on your tyre by locking your tyre because then the durability goes down. With the new engine rule you will see more teams like Honda pulling their cars out of the Race when there are no chances for points and pretend there was a engine failure because if you wont finish the Race you can use New Engines the next time. Also you wont see many drivers pushing to the limit of the cars (you dont want to risk a engine blow in the 2nd race because you pushed too hard in the 1st one). What you surely are going to see is drivers like Barrichelo lapping at constant times (no aggressive driving), saving the tyre and engine and have a stable car not fighting as other drivers against less grip at the end of the race (ex. Toyota) and use that advantage during the last few laps of the race (more grip/less under or over stearing and a less stressed engine for the next race) and finish second while starting from behind. Also with the reduction of downforce you will see much more less drafting, the Renault (think it was Alonso) driving behind JV tried to but had to low downforce and went slipping thus not beeing able to take JV before the corner.
Interesting will be to see the next race from those with the engine from the 1st Race.
Want to see if the Renaults can keep up their pace in Malaysia with a used engine which already has done more than 300Km. If they wont many drivers will opt for save driving trying to save the engine and tyre from wearing out too fast and not attacking the curve entrance or risk any type of driving error or tyre locking till the last few laps of the second race for the engine.
Well hope to see more winners than last Year, but the Ferrari they are using now is still strong enough. Nice to see is that the drivers technique is more involved than last year (more carefull driving but still the need to attack). Sure all Teams and drivers have to adopt to a new driving style and it needs some more time to prove my Oppinion right or wrong. I hope that it will prove wrong and that well see more action and less Ferrari winning…
But Im not interested in seeing races where Teams intentionally pull out their cars to save the engine for the second race when there is no hope for points (think of only 8 or 9 cars crossing the finish line and the others pulling out of the race just to save their engines). Or seeing the whole crowd driving save not risking much because of saving tyre and engine. But the danger of this happening at the 1st Race of the set of 2 Races is here meaning you will get more interesting races at the 2nd one. Sure the match-up between Teams allowed to change Engine and those using the used one will be something Interesting to wach.

Well just my oppinion after the 1st Race and Im sure the second race will be different. Also the 2nd race for the Engine will be a verry different one as the first of a set of 2 Races (other Tactics more agressive driving after last pitstop or during the last few laps).


Personally speaking F1 is a pile of shite…WRC is the way to go(now this is what racing is all about) Go Gronholm Go Gronholm Go Gronholm.


Hmmm… don’t really know what to truly make of the F1 race last weekend. Very much a feeler/test drive to me. Having 19 rounds will probably mean that 1 or 2 round failures or miss-outs shouldn’t be significant. However, the way it was raced suggests to me that the only strategy left is starting fuel & refuelling - that got some people some positions. However, I think for the first few rounds, saving for failures and drivers crashing, qualifying is going to determine a good proportion of the final places (excluding those caught out by weather). It may vary up a little after that, and it may take a season or 2 before the manufacturers can build an engine that can be hammered for 2xpractice, 2xqualifying, 2x300km

There was a radio transmission to one of the drivers that stated that he could use ‘overide twice’, and I immediatelly thought of how this sort of thing works in CART. Has this been in use prior to this season in F1? it’s the first I’ve heard of it…

Malaysia’s going to be tough on a well run-in engine…



The override have been there for ever but havent been paid much attention since they stopped driving turbos. Then it had a much bigger impact on power.


Oh my GOD. Schumacher didn’t win.
Oh my GOD. Schumacher didn’t even finshed the race.

What next. Button wining a race. :wink:


Jensen…my hero! :wink: :bigsmile:


Saturday qualifying
Ferrari not even in the top 10.
Might be an interesting year!


Wait for their new car though…


Go Schumi Go! :bow:


Schumacher disappointed.


Honda better do something or they’ll ruin their reputation for reliability even more :bigsmile:
Somebody will need to get back to basics and try to cram in some cooling for those Honda engines, 2 laps isnt satisfactory :slight_smile:

Those red cars are still slow :smiley:
Real sportscars are yellow and blue!


Honda…whats going wrong…I can still remember the glory days when the red Hondas won race after race…
Well this year after 2 races it seems that Renault and Toyota are the top competitors…
The red cars need the new F-2005 badly…


The F2005 turned out to be quick (for a while) but very un-Ferrarish. It broke! How embarrasing! :o

This weekend showed the complete success for the new format, lots of things happening all over the track. Imola is a very different circuit of the old school so I wont expect as much to happen there as it did on Sakhir. Also its Ferraris backyard.
:bow: to Herman Tilke designs.

And real sportscars are still blue and yellow! :stuck_out_tongue:

Go Alonso!


Today was the first time i’ve watched F1 this season. Damn it’s all changed.
Sexy David Caulthard driving for a new team :eek:
It was refreshing not to see the Ferrari’s winning and some new faces on the podium.
woooooooooohooooooo can’t wait for the Brittish GP now :smiley: