F1 2002

I have windows XP Prof. dutch version and I want to play F1 2001.
but I can’t because i get the error: F1 2001 werkt niet op deze computer: er zijn geen DirectX compatible grafische kaaryten gevonden.

translation: F1 2001 doesn’t work on this computer cause there are no direct X compatible Graphic cards found.

Please can anybody help me with this problem.

what 3d card have you ?

Have you updated your drivers to the latest ones for your card, make sure they are xp compatible. If you don’t have any XP drivers available try using the Windows 2000 ones they can enable things to work. Another thing you could try is to use XP’s compatibility mode, right click on the shortcut and go to compatibility and change to Win98 or me and see if that helps. Hope these suggestions help


Try to install the newest directx for xp

where can i find the new DirectX for XP.
and i’ve got another question, my videocard an Pace 3d edge and Voodoo Banshee chipset, is installed as an Voodoo banshee, but i want want to install it as an Pace 3d edge so I can enable my tv-out but i can’t find any Win2000 or XP drivers, Please help me.

Robert Folkers:mad:

Windows XP has the latest version of directx so you don’t need to update it.

You could try a site callled Driverguide.com which may help you to find the drivers.

The Voodoo cards are NOT supported by EA F1 2001. I’m afraid for you.