F/W VB028 for 1108 and 0059 for 1008 released







Well, at least the company is trying. While it adds more media support, I wonder if it addresses any of the issues in OC Freak’s review of the 1108.


Thanks for the update :slight_smile:


Somewhat interesting that some media that was added back in the xx58 series is now added in the xx59 series. I think the write strategy has been changed a some of the medias. Duplicates that I saw with a quick scan are the AML001, TDK002 & MPOMEDIA080. Would be interested in picking apart the firmware to see what was changed for these.


I used the 0059 for a 4x write to DVD+R CMC 4x media. The write went fine and the disc plays well. I think that some of the write strategies were changed, but how do we confirm it? It is not listed in the change log.


compare the results with burns on older F/W using nero cd/dvd speed disk quality test.


I’ll give it ashot when I get a chance. What am I looking for? Could the write strategy change, but the scan remains the same or very similar?


My scans are virtually identical - but i have only burnt DVD-R at 4X and made that comparison.