F/W Upgrade for LH-20A1L

I was researching this model to replace my sohw-1633s and I went ahead and bought the drive. Hopefully it will get here soon. Can’t beat the price and speed.

Anyways. I know I saw a lot of people wanting the newest upgrade. Since Liteon’s website doesn’t even seem to acknowledge that it exists I got the newest BL02 Firmware upgrade.

Here it is :

I’m hosting it local from my personaly server. If the link doesn’t work, give it a second or send me an email at cnlevo@gmail.com and i’ll email it to you

Here’s the newest BL04.

Is that for real? I just got the upgrade from a lite-on tech! That blows…stupid idiotic asses!

ok…well the file is coming down, so the link won’t work. Thanks for posting the REAL newest upgraded f/w!!!

Yep i don’t post bad firmware :disagree:

Upgraded f/w to BL04 and still cannot burn TYG02 :a
Does anyone else have this problem?


I havn’t received the drive yet nor do I have any TYG02’s…i bought some verbatim 16x that everyone RAVES about…with the azo recording dye. I was using Memorez 16x dvd-r and had no problems with them but i figured i’d try this out.

I bought DVD-R because even though i’ve read how the + are a BIT better quality according to nero, but i’ve never had quality issues with - and they are compatible with all my dvd players

Can’t burn them here either. I hope this will be fixed with a future firmware update. The TY Watershields are my favorite discs.

Offtopic: I have just searched Lite-OnIt site and i cant find this drive. How did you get it if its not listed? Is this unofficial drive?



I got it now. Theres a different list of drives for different regions.
I was looking the eu page (theres no drive LH-20A1L)
But in us, it is.

The BL04 Is a huge Lightscribe update and addition of a few more disks. I had the BL02, and the lightscribe left some obvious rings on the image. With BL04, the burns looks silky smooth like my old samsung 162L TS08

:a I have installed LH-20A1L. The drive shows up in the device manager, and does read CD’s, but anytime I attempt to access it via software ie, burner or flashreader, messages state there is no drive detected. What’s up with that? :slight_smile: I’m new so go easy on me!

Possibly it’s because not all programs detect SATA drives. I’ve had issues with some boot utilities but all of my burning programs detect the drive correctly. Make sure you MB chipset drivers are up to date. I would suggest anyone just getting this drive send it back and get the new DH-20A3L which seems to be the same drive except…LITEON ACTUALLY IS SUPPORTING IT!!! Sorry for that but I’m getting really pissed that Lite-On is completely ignoring support for this drive. I mean when you go to the firmware update, it’s not even on the list of drives. It’s like they’re pretending it doesn’t even exist.

:a I agree with you totally :a


[QUOTE=drabe82;1839851]The BL04 Is a huge Lightscribe update and addition of a few more disks. I had the BL02, and the lightscribe left some obvious rings on the image. With BL04, the burns looks silky smooth like my old samsung 162L TS08[/QUOTE]

About “[B]obvious rings[/B]”. I can’t get rid of them. I also use 20A1L. I tried BL04, BL05, BL06, burned with Nero, Sure Thing, LS Template Labeler, used newest LS drivers and I still have some rings looking like this:

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quite far from “silky smooth”. Does anyone know, what can be the reason for that rings?
I also looked on
it seems that Lite-on 20A1L can label preety nice and smooth, so problem seems to be somewhere else than in my Lite-on.
Thx for help :slight_smile: