F/W Upgrade for DW1620

Hi everyone, I recently bought a BenQ 1620 to replace me LG-several models because the LG kept failing after 3 moths it would not start to record any discs. but anywho i tried upgrading the F/W for the LG and ended up making it not work i think, or it craped out like the other ones. Back to the point I would like to know how to upgrade the F/W i think im running B7L9 (thats whats on the box) and i wanted to upgrade to B7P9 for the 4x d/l support, can anyone let me know how to upgrade it properly, if it has to be the only drive on the cable IDE (like LG recamended) or what, Thank you

P.S. This place conviced me to make the switch from LG to MUCH MUCH better BenQ

Get the B7T9 firmware here http://www.benq.co.uk/ServiceAndSupport/downloads/downloads.cfm?product=724&type=B

Recommended to do in windows safe mode.

Extract the flash exe from the zip, run the file and select the drive to flash and click flash.

Why do you recommend it be done in safe mode? I didn’t flash mine in safe mode and I don’t notice any problems. Just wondering since you’re not the first person I’ve seen make that statement.

Thanks for the info, as well as being in safe mode, do i have to connect it to the master cable or set the jumper to master or anything like that. Im just asking because i think i killed an LG burner by trying to upgrade the F/W Thanks for the help. The DW1620 has been a rock solid drive so far :slight_smile:

While the BenQ is just as troubled by “getting a bad flash” as the LG products, there is one major difference: BenQ can recover completely from a bad flash just by flashing it again. So, in this event, you will not have to mail it. :wink:
Should you become slightly stuck with a “bad flash”, firmware L9 (from www.benq.com support downloads) can clear things up very easily. If you get really stuck, the DOS flasher, using the 1620’s retail firmware from the “unofficial” firmware page will fix it almost instantly (but it is rare to need this).

In fact, the only way to figure out that you may have a bad flash on a BenQ is to compare your quality scans (cd/dvd speed from www.cdspeed2000.com ) with our “post your scans” thread here at the forum. If you don’t get a near match, just flash again. No problem. :wink:

I had two LG’s and a bad flash (resulting in chronic “FOCUS” messages) meant sending the drive through the mail. Now I have two BenQ 1620’s and a bad flash is so unnoticable that it is hard to detect as the drive still works just fine. Flashing again cures the problem completely.

That’s why some people flash in safe mode. Although it is unnecessary because a flash problem is SO easy to detect and fix, safe mode loads windows without 3rd drivers or virus checker to interfere.

P.S. Scan some of your burned discs before you flash. Use cd/dvdspeed. Now, scan some discs after you flash. Firmware P9 (useful for “troubled” or old computers) will produce the same results as the earlier firmwares. Firmware T9 scans usually look slightly worse (very slightly) and the playback/data integrity has been improved.

Anyway, firmware upgrades are worry-free with the BenQ products.

Thanks for the help, cant wait to see 4x D/L

I use DVDshrink instead of dual layer discs. It’s because of the 10x price differential.