F/w for samsung sh-w08a?



This burner has turned out to be a piece of junk. I rma’d it because it didn’t work as advertised, but they sent me another of the same model (argh!) Is there any hacked or enhanced firmware for it? Samsung SH-W08AENB


Check this link out it’s no longer available for sale according to this link…

Best of luck, I’ve Samsung burner @4x no problems what so ever.



what link?


Isn’t that Toshiba 8x DVD burner?


Yes it is basically a Toshiba…compared to my nec’s and lite-on’s, there’s no place for this drive except a junk drawer or for sale! I found it amusing that the tech-support guy tried to say a guy in the office uses that same drive everyday. I told him to try some +r in it…lol.