F/W flashing at BenQs, not as easy as with Plex LG LiteOns

sorry for some bad english…
I have been reading in this forum for quite a while now and decided to buy 2 benq burners at ebay. the 1640 came with bsjb, the 1670 with 101. today i wanted to flash them- no chance, i don´t recognize my mistake. starts flashing with double click on the .exe, but then nothing happens. even when i open th bq flasher, it does not work, tells me something like … can´t write to the memory of your drive… winaspi is in the same folder, got no disc inserted.
With my 6 Plex 712 to 755sa and 5 LG 2164 to H12N i never had those prob, what´s wrong? :frowning:

got it. went to another ide channel (pci to ide card), it worked