F/w 47L9 -> 47N9



i just recently flashed my 1620 to 47L9.
did 2 burns on BeALL media (16x ±), but stuck at 8x (might be media issue)
burst rate with cdspeed 23MB/s which i believe can do 16x.
i m Prolific firewire casing.

welcome feedbacks.




just noticed there is another thread on 47N9.
moderator u may wan to integrate . sorie…


Sorry, but what does this thread have to do with 47N9?


[B]Since this thread was to be about 47L9 vs 47N9 here are a few comments…

47L9 works perfectly with Nero CD-DVD Quaility Test…
47N9 doesn’t work well the Quaility Test… (1)Scan speed is back to the old 1.4X speed, and (2)No PIFs are reported on the scan.

Because of the lack of support I am using B7U9 on my external. The burst rate may only be 21MB/s and limit me to 12X but at least the firmware is updated by BenQ on a timely basis.[/B]


gues i will just stick to L9 for the time being


RICOHJPNR03 at 16x on 47L9

guess hitting sub 6min externally is really a challenge!



My setup was a 1620 (47L9) in a Prolific PL-3507 equipped case. The BEST I could do was 15.50X and right at the end the buffer would start going up & down. The last 5% of the burn I started to see reported error (PO/PI) go up.
My burst rate was 24 MB/s.

I have chosen to use the B7U9 firmware @ 12X with a 21MB/s burst rate. I get a far better quaility scan and my burn time is only 6:15.

So for what it worth, same burn time (+/- 10%), better quaility score, no large PIF at the end. I PREFER B7U9 AND FORGOT ABOUT 16X !!!



So you have the B7U9 fw on your 1620 in the Prolific case?

Do you have any before and after scans of TY or MCC004 media, from when you went from 47L9 to B7U9?

I might have to try out B7U9 in my prolific enclosure also.