F..... virus called GODABUZZ

Hi , my name is keewee, and have a fuckin situation, recently i got virus , and i format my hard disk and scan disk with norton , nothin helps…but when i formated my hard , and reset computer, the message apear… VISIT WWW.GODABUZZ.COM… and then pop me in the head , shit a fuckin virus … who is GODABUZZ and does this site have any similarity with virus ?
If u know maybe how to remove virus from boot sector please tell me :Z :Z

Use google to find maxllf.exe to low level format your disk

Godabuzz was a website who posted illegal software. They were taken care of by Microsoft.

this message pops up after you formatted?? That is very odd since most things can not live through a format unless the floppy you are booting from becomes infected and you re-infect the pc all over again.

Try http://housecall.antivirus.com.

It is a web based scanner that scan your pc from a server.

But if I were you make sure that the next time you dl something make sure it doesnt have a virus packed in it.

Btw, that site closed a while back ago and emerged as something else.

If all else fails and you cant remove the boot virus, go to a friendly local computer store with a brand new out of the box floppy and have the techs make you a boot disk.

Usually the command to fix a virus laden mbr is to use fdisk/mbr