F*%$ H22N @8x MCC02RG20

It seems that my H22N and LG4167B both suck some major ass at burning Verbatim 8x -R @ 8x. Every single disc I have tried, fails. I have tried both Video Gard MCC02RG20 discs and non video gard regular MCC02RG20 and both have the exact same problem.

Can someone confirm that the H22N and or 4167B both cannot write @ 8x on this media? Or are both my drives somehow the only ones that produce complete coasters?

Btw, 4x actually burns alright but I am just wondering if 8x works for anyone?

I consider my H22N as the worst @8X burner I ever had with several MIDs, +R or -R. Very high jitter inducing high error reporting in my scanners except at very slow scanning speeds. TRTs are also affected in a number of instances. So I’m not that suprised that you have issues with MCC02RG20 @8X.

These H22N burners do very well in CAV (12X, 16X, 18X), or in pure @4X CLV, but @8X Z-CLV, :Z :Z :Z . No improvement from f/w 1.02. :frowning:

Use it for what it’s great at: high speed burns (16X, 18X) :cool: and audio CDRs (very low jitter even @40X burning :cool: ). I’m sure you have some good @8X burner for your Verbs. :wink:

If I remember well, the 4167B [I]is[/I] known to have trouble specifically with MCC02RG20. :confused:

I seem to have good results @8X with YUDEN T02.

About any burner gets good results out of T02, now the thing is, most reputable burners give lower jitter in @8X T02 burns. Your scan reaches 9% and up, which is not good in my book for a 8X burn, from which I expect 8% max in @8X 1640/1650 scans.

Also, my testing methods include high-speed scanning and transfer rate tests in picky drives, which reveals difference in burning quality that can’t be caught by @4X/@8X scans. Relying on these scans alone to judge media and burning quality relies more on wishful thinking than sound testing.

I bet that if you scan this very disc above @16X in your Benq, you’ll see jitter increase near the end and go up to (and maybe beyond) 12%, and PIF will increase accordingly. That’s my experience with H22N @8X burns. This doesn’t happen with @8X burns from my Nec, Pioneer and Benq burners, only with my H22N @8X burns.

Yes, some of these H22N @8X burns are OK, mainly with TY media, but they are below what I’ve come to expect from modern burners. Yes, I’m picky, but with the choice available nowadays, no reason not to be. :bigsmile:

The H22N shines, though, in CAV burning (12X, 16X, 18X), as I mention above. :clap:

Ok, how’s this?

:bow: Excellent of course (and I run for cover in shame… :bigsmile: )

Mmmh. Seems like some units do better than others, then, I can’t get such 8X burns with my own H22N. :frowning:

Eh, no need to run in shame. Heck, I was posting it just because of the 16x scanning and not exclusively because of the result, which is really good.

I guess my H22N is a factory wringer.

Hey clintB, don’t mean to be offensive, but wtf does this thread have to do with Taiyo Yuden? I have other media as well, which my H22N can burn at 8x and not produce coasters.

Anyways, take a look at my mighty MCC02RG20 @ 4x in the 4167B:



You may be falling into the same trap for jitter scanning that most people fall into for PIE/PIF scanning.

Jitter scans are not exact and vary between drives (even of the same model), so while you may be expecting jitter <8% for scans performed on your own BenQ drive(s), you can’t assume that other BenQ drives will show the same jitter level. My BenQ DW1655 don’t show jitter scans with such low jitter percentages - I’d be lucky to get a reported max jitter <9% regardless of media, drive and burnspeed.

Jitter varying 1-1.5% between two scanning drives is not uncommon.

I thought it had more to do with LG’s and the Z-CLV burning strategy. :doh: It’s not like you or I are burning crap media.


That’s quite right. Probably because my two 1650 units have little to no reporting discrepancy between them. I tend to forget modern manufacturing variation… bad, bad me. :doh: (frankly, these days, my mind is more focused on music than DVDR matters…)

Thanks for being a trustworthy watcher, [B]Drage[/B] :slight_smile: - may I call you Giles? :stuck_out_tongue: :bigsmile: (please, do [I]not[/I] call me Buffy, though :bigsmile: )


@[B]cd pirate[/B]: looks like you’ve found a good combination for your MCC 02RG20 :slight_smile: - how does jitter look?

In DVDScan? Well, here’s a pic for you:

@ClintB, that’s alright, no harm done. :slight_smile: