F@H/WCG Teams: Major Updates from MS

Howdy folks, thought a new thread would be better way of letting ya’ll know what’s up and why I have to shut down from F@H & WCG for a little bit.
As you all prolly know, MS Vista SP1 RTM & XP SP3 RTM are coming out the next 2 weeks. As I’ve been beta testing both on 2 of the 3 systems I have here, the XP on my wife’s system (unbeknowst to her so keep this on the down-low wouldya :wink: ), & of course this one I’m on now with Vista, along with a couple other programs I’m testing. Anyway, I’ve got some preppin’ to do before I can update to the final versions and then install them when they’re released.

As soon as all updates are done and I’m sure everything is runnin’ OK, I’ll be bak :iagree: . Will also be installing any updates to the F@H & WCG software including SMP versions, so I might be needin’ a little help with that. The instructions that’s been posted on installing SMP are great and will go by them.

Ya’ll take care and I’ll be seein’ ya !!