F@H Teams at the Folding site

Look, they’ve got a forum dedicated to pimping your team: http://forum.folding-community.org/forum22,fah-teams.html :bigsmile:

Anyone gonna do the honours and spread the word about Team CDF? :wink:

Hahahaha, Zevia, you rock :bigsmile:

Mentioning the team and asking for help with the “ownership” thing in one fell swoop. Wish I’d thought of that :smiley:


I was hoping jwill would take it over :frowning:

Hey anyone could. Zevia only asked so we can get it done. :slight_smile:

True. jwill got all of it going again i think he deserves ownership :iagree: aaaah scratch that :doh:

I think more than 1 person should be involved so this doesn’t happen again.

So maybe zevia and jwill + maybe another have all the info to make changes :iagree: :clap: gets my vote.

done :wink:


go zevia :clap:

Nice one! :clap: :cool:

Hey you have 13 posts there…you didn’t let on you were a member, you crafty so and so! :bigsmile:

@rolling - agree with your edit :iagree:

lol, I asked a couple of ?'s there when I was a n00b :stuck_out_tongue:

somethings up with their forums too, I have a pretty cool siggy there and it shows up when I preview, but its not there on my post :confused:

Ahhh :cool:

Yeah, their forum was down for a few days and loads of stuff in the database got messed up. Try adding the sig all over again :slight_smile:

I tried editing my sig and re-applying it, but it didn’t work :frowning: I guess I could just manually add it into the post

I also agree with rolling’s edit, if they let zevia change it perhaps he could get it on a generic email like ‘folding@cdfreaks.com’ or whatever then give all the section mods access :slight_smile:

Doh! :doh:

Yeah that sounds good, but it’d have to go through DoMi or Tax I should think :slight_smile:

No respond from them yet, hopefully soon in the weekdays. Otherwise we will be stuck with the tiny logo. No problem with that I guess…

And yes I only took the initiative to ask that forum while keep trying to contact the founder.

woohoo, they agreed to change the logo and try to contact the founder :clap:

I’m off to work on some potential logos :cool:

I’ve sent them a PM. :slight_smile:

That rocks! Thanks you two for taking the steps :clap: :cool:

all the credit goes to Zevia :iagree:

Alright, a special :bow: to Zevia then :bigsmile: