F***ed up the drive

Hello to all,

I used the necflasher published at cdfreaks.com to flash my HP DVD Writer 300n
which is internally a NEC ND-1100a OEM with the latest fw for NEC ND-1100a.
Unfortunately I didn’t copied the message which was given by the necflasher. It was something that there was an error and it aborted.
After reboot no DVD drive available in WindowsXP. I checked the BIOS settings -> also no drive available anymore :frowning:
Is it possible to reflash it under this circumstances?

atomic_zORRo :a

Yes, you can recover the drive. Use TDB’s DOS flasher in real DOS: http://tdb.rpc1.org/#FLASHERS

I already tried to flash it in real dos but the flasher tool from The Dangerous Brothers cannot find the drive. I assume that the tools is taking the settings
from the BIOS and the BIOS cannot find the drive and thus the reflashing is not
possible :frowning:

atomic_zORRO :confused:

Is MTKWinFlash able to flash NEC burners? It can handle directly the IDE port.


NO. MTK* flashers only works with drives built on MediaTek chipsets… :cool:

Have you tried Liggy´s NECFlash? :wink:

TDB’s DOS Flash tool can recover your drive, you’re not using it correctly if it isn’t working. This flash tool flashes directly to the IDE port that you specify in the command line. Uniflash cannot recover misflashed drives because it does not flash directly to an IDE port.

I used his flasher tool which caused this problem. I do not make reproach for it.
No risk no fun :bigsmile:

Hmm…there is nothing to make really wrong:
My drive is connected to 2ndary master. I booted from real DOS (I flashed my drive several times before and it worked properly) and typed following line:
c:\NEC1100A -sec -mas -flash ND1100.bin
What happened next:

NEC ND1100A Flash Toolkit Ver. 1.03
Coded by the DB, Vlad & Igor

Printed out but nothing more! :confused: No messages like “no NEC drives found” etc.

I think I should buy a new DVD burner…


How long ago did you download the flash tool? Try re-downloading the current one from TDB’s site, the problem you described usually happens after TDB’s beta flash tools expire. Also try disconnecting all other IDE devices while flashing and maybe try moving the drive to another IDE port.

Ok, I will try it now and will post the result later :iagree:


I just downloaded the NEC ND-1100A (ND-1000A,ND-1300A) Version 1.03 for DOS from
http://tdb.rpc1.org/#FLASHERS and the Nec1100a.exe is identical with the one I’m
actually using (dated 26.12.2003) :frowning:

atomic_zORRo :confused:

I tried to disconnect all the other drives -> same result. Connected to primary master -> same result.

By the way, when I push the eject bottom then only the light on the front turns on and the tray doesn’t eject. Seems to be really f***ed up :a

atomic_zORRo :sad:

Bash it with a hammer, throw it down the road, run it over, box it up and send it in for an rma. I think you need a new burner, I bet the chip that holds the firmware is toast.

Before you do that send it to me!! I’ll fix it or die trying!! :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s what I think too and probably will do with it ;).
I will buy a new burner but which one? At the moment my favorites are the NEC-ND3500A, BenQ DW-1620 and the Pioneer DVR-A08.
The latest german pc magazin c’t (21/2004) has tested several DVD burners and on of the best tested is the NEC and Pioneer mentioned above.


Had the same problem my drive was dead :a
Didn´t work to flash in dos either.
What i did was that i took the drive out dl dos flash from Nec and flashed it from another computer.
Worked for me :bigsmile:
So don´t bash it just yet try this.


Sounds good, but what do you mean with the sentence “What i did was…”. Do you mean that you installed the drive into another PC and flashed it in real DOS with TDB’s flasher? :bow:

atomic_zORRo :o

Exactly, install your drive in another computer with a different IDE chipset. Give it a try and post if you had success. Good luck!

I tested it on 3 different PC and none of them recognized the drive in the BIOS. :Z Apart from this I tried to flash with TDB’s flasher but same situation as posted before. When I try to flash it nothing is happening :a . I think I will do what Deer Slayer recommended :iagree:

So I will wait for Plextor PX-16A to be released to decide than which DVD burner I will buy.

Thanks for your help :bow:


atomic_zORRo :sad: