Hi i have an ORIGINAl copy of fear with ORIGINAL cd key, it was unfortunate to me that my 5th CD is scratched and wont longer read, now the significance of this is that cd is the GAME cd so now i cant play =[

Guyz please is there another way of using these other cds to play the game i am really spewing, i did make backups of the cds onto my hard drive but i dont know if that works, i prefer to use the most legit way.

Is there a way i can copy that 5th cd so its an EXACT replica of the original so i dont have to use stuff such as Daemon tools etc…
Like image it or something

Contact customer support & I’m sure they’ll send you a new one, with the return of the scratched one … for a fee of course.

Or alternately, dump all your legitimate cd images onto a high Quality DVDR media, like Taiyo Yuden, or Mitsubishi / Verbatim DLP/pastel & mount them with Daemon Tools.

They can’t complain that you are mounting with Daemon tools, if they refuse to give you a new play disk.

If the problem is due to a scratched surface you can try to repair it (there are several ways including toothpaste that is said to work in some cases (at your own risk of course)).

Is there a way too copy my friends 5th disc absoultley perfect so it is like the original

Would be illegal, to say the truth. At least in most of all countries.
It doesn’t matter if you have the original disc or not…

What is the problem to contact the publisher and ask for an replacement cd?