I have the updated F.E.A.R. (version 1.02) and I can not figure out how to mount this. I have Alcohol120, Daemon, Virtual-CD-Hide, sr7stop10, and SF Nightmare, but I cant figure out how to mount this. A lot of people have been saying to just mount it in Daemon and turn on sr7stop, but its not working for me.

Any suggestions?

What I get:

Mount in Daemon Tools 4 and disable your optical IDE drives in device manager (or unplug them).

will nightmare work? (thats what it does right? disables em)

Are you trying to run a back-up of the cd or dvd version?

CD, but i figured it out…and here is what i did (hope this helps someone)

Game Title: F.E.A.R
Game Version: 1.02
Developer: Monolith
Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games

Copy Protection: SecuROM

Steps for mounting the CD Version of F.E.A.R.:

1. Download the following: Alcohol 120, Daemon Tools 4, and Starforce Nightmare.

2. Start Alcohol 120.

3. Click Image Making Wizard on the left.

4. Use these settings:

5. Click next.

6. Click start.

7. When the DPM window pops up select 1x:

8. You should now have a successful .mds and .mdf.

9. Now, still in Alcohol 120. Select Virtual Drive on the left:

10. Now put the number of virtual drives to 0 and press OK:

My Computer went from:


-----You are now done with Alcohol 120-----

11. Start up Starforce Nightmare.

12. Select the following:

13. My Computer should now look like (no cd or dvd drives):

14. Exit Starforce Nightmare.

-----You are now done with Starforce Nightmare-----

15. Start up Daemon Tools and create one emulated drive:

16. My Computer should now look like:

17. Now set emulated drive on Securom:

18. Mount your image that you created in Alcohol:

19. My Computer should now look like:

20. Start the game and have fun!

If you have succeded, than :clap:. If you haven’t, than leave a post with your question.