I have read the alcohol and array method of burning securom protected games, i was able to make a working backup of starwars - kotor 2

I have also bought FEAR, and StarWars Battlefront 2

havent even got to battlefront yet still trying to figure out FEAR

so i followed the exact method i did to get KOTOR2 and when i put the fear playdisc it said could not find original disc.

So im assuming the securom7 protection is a newer version and a working backup cannot be made yet? The only thing I was wondering was maybe i needed to update my alcohol to the newest version, i have the latest aray.

Has anyone tried using the newest version of alcohol 120???
or am i going to have to refer to the other FEAR guide on how to edit regedit files

I have made a working image of my original Fear with alcohol ( Newest Version), but until now i havn’t burned it, i play most games of the images (They are not as loud as an real cd-drive).

You can make a working Backup with newest Alcohol

You need to use Blindread and Blindwrite.
They can make backups of SR7 without the need for emulation or mounting.
However some drives may have problems reading SR7 backups. Also you have to burn them at a slow speed or they may again fail.