F.E.A.R. Virtual Drive Image - Unsuccessful

1 - I own the game
2 - I have already made a successful Twinpeaks backup cd from which I can run the game just fine.
Yeah!! (sort of…)

I am pleased to be able to run the game from a backup cd however my ultimate goal is to run the game from an image so I don’t have to locate the disc every time I want to play.

I have scoured CDFreaks and Googled the hell out of the internet and I have found very little relating directly to F.E.A.R. and just about as much that deals with SecuROM 7.
–I am using the twinpeaks image file I created from which I burnt the successful CD Backup disc.
–I have both DT (4.03HE) and A120 (1.9.5 b3823) installed.
–I have tried mounting the image under both programs.
–I have used different emulation combinations.
–I have tried SR7Stop1.2 (apparently successful in hiding the VCD) & Virtual-CD-Hide (which never seemed to be successful in hiding the drives)
–I’ve tried windows2000 compatibility mode and deny Administrator Read on the Device listings in the registry.
–And I have also unplugged all of my physical CD/DVD drives and all to no avail.
No matter what, when I start the game I get the lovely SecuRom spinning silver cd and then I am blasted with the following message.

“Original disc could not be found or authenticated.” :a :a :a

Is there a detailed post I am just blind to on this forum which lists the new can’s and cant’s of SecuROM 7?

Should I be able to run the game using the image of this game mounted in a VCD? Or are there changes in SecuROM 7 that have presently successfully crippled another companies software ( namely Alcohol and DT ) ?

If I am just missing something little, fine.
But if running F.E.A.R or SecuROM 7 games from an image is not presently possibile I hope someone knows this and can tell me so that I stop wasting more of what little free time I have.


You can’t use the twinpeak patched image file if you want to mount the image on a virtual drive. You should use an image file made with alcohol with securom 4.x/5.x/7.x datatype settings.

Ah Ha!!

I LUV U MAN!!! :kiss: :kiss: :kiss:

For some reason I never thought to try to use the Pre-patched file and I never read anything that made an overt statement regarding that.

Thanks much…
…now, where did I put that beer??..

am i correct that you just used Alc 120% with SecuROM CD type to make an image and were able to mount that?