F.E.A.R. Problem

First sorry for my bad english
Second-i install the game F.E.A.R and Use and Alcohol and Anti-Blaxx
and this what i have-

what to do? What wrong?

Please Help me… :confused: :confused:

please some one help me…

I can help you.
Buy the game… :cop:

Does this happen when you insert the original disk?


what kind of BS post on a dvd copy forum!

This is not a piracy forum, so his post seemed reasonable to me.

Set the compatabality mode for fear to win2k.

I know how to fix this. Anti Blaxx doesnt work at all. Use SR7.Stop. works like a charm.
This game will kill your daemon.dll though, and your Daemon tools will die. :slight_smile:
So good luck.

PS: Why are there people here accusing of piracy? No one is pirating. I bought this game Just making a backup for the challange of it.

@ ibex333

No-one has accused you of piracy. So far as the thread starter is concerned though, it would help if s/he answered VirusHack’s question.

I am sorry… You have a point there…

It didn’t seem reasonable to me as it was insinuating that the original poster had not bought the game and so was using a pirate version, when there was nothing to suggest he had done any such thing.

except for the fact that the worldwide release date for this game is October 18th (today!) and the original post is from 2 days ago…

  1. You need a modified MDS-Image
  2. Mount the image using DAEMON-Tools
  3. Start SR7.Stop and hide all drives
  4. Start game

When i try to open that image it says “file not accessable”.

Of ur MDF is called FEAR.mdf ur mds has to be called FEAR.mds

Sum people have this prob. since they have installed the patch!

Write error: only ntsf files support larger than 4GB
that’s what i get i tried to extract a file from winrar can someoone help me please??

Read this and then go down to your local shop and buy the game. :cop:

hey guys… have the original copy before anyone asks hahahaha… burnt with alcohol thats it… works great no problem at all (cd edition by the way) if you read on here how to burn corresponding protection with alcohol thats it… tells you all you need to no… play hard or dont play at all :d

try daemon tools, its it better coded, or but the game becuase you would have to be on some serious drug not to own a legit copy of this game. :cop: