F.E.A.R. Mounting Tutorial

Game Title: F.E.A.R
Game Version: 1.02
Developer: Monolith
Publisher: Vivendi Universal Games
Copy Protection: SecuROM

Steps for mounting the CD Version of F.E.A.R.:

1. Download the following: Alcohol 120, Daemon Tools 4, and Starforce Nightmare.

2. Start Alcohol 120.

3. Click Image Making Wizard on the left.

4. Use these settings:

5. Click next.

6. Click start.

7. When the DPM window pops up select 1x:

8. You should now have a successful .mds and .mdf.

9. Now, still in Alcohol 120. Select Virtual Drive on the left:

10. Now put the number of virtual drives to 0 and press OK:

My Computer went from:


-----You are now done with Alcohol 120-----

11. Start up Starforce Nightmare.

12. Select the following:

13. My Computer should now look like (no cd or dvd drives):

14. Exit Starforce Nightmare.

-----You are now done with Starforce Nightmare-----

15. Start up Daemon Tools and create one emulated drive:

16. My Computer should now look like:

17. Now set emulated drive on Securom:

18. Mount your image that you created in Alcohol:

19. My Computer should now look like:

20. Start the game and have fun!

If you have succeded, than :clap:. If you haven’t, than leave a post with your question.

Or simply disable your CD\DVD drives in device manager and mount with D-Tools v4.
By the way, SecuROM emulation is NOT required when mounting, this is ONLY for running imperfect burns of SecuROM games. I don’t think it works for newer SecuROM anyway.

ya, i noticed that…its a simple concept, it would have helped me
you dont need all that sr7stop bs

Did you use a virtual drive or what, to make he disc you made the image from. It’s a cd drive, and doesn’t that game use more that 700mbs of space? Tell me please! Coz I can’t make my .mds’es have dpm coz I can’t make the settings some how. I can only set up skip reading errors.

Thanks will try

i downloaded king kong and it turned out to be the contents of the disk, not the image itself. what do i do to bypass starforce?

You go to the nearest store and buy the game, then you come back here and read the Rules .
After that if you need help making a backup of your newly purchased game we will gladly help you.

grr, this is drivin me nuts!put me outta my misery and shoot me. my kid knocked my tower over whilst runnin f.e.a.r. and the outer edge has a faint scratch all around the edge so i’m tryin to back it up incase it totally goes. it’ll still install an all from the disk, i done this several times to make sure. when trying to image with alcohol the “data type” box dissapears" so cannot set to securom etc. i carried on with it anyway to try but when it gets to 96.1% it automatically aborts. i’m unsure if this is the damage to the disc or the copyright doing it’s job. as i say the disk works ok but i’m one of those who’ll keep goin till i succeed or die, at this rate it’ll be the latter. please help. p.s when trying other disks the datatype box (bottom left) stays and i can set it. it’s a single disk version of fear.

i “fear” it’s never gonna work which means i’ll be sat here gathering dust an cobwebs. i already nearly thrown me mouse at me monitor.

also, i can’t install DT4. i did, then i unistalled it, (i didn’t know how to use it, what it did etc) stupid i know, but now it wont reinstall, the earlier version does ok and i can’t upgrade it either. i searched my puter for files named daemon and deleted to see if some files left behind was causing it but that didn’t work either. what the hell’s wrong!?? should i bin my puter?

here, i did a couple of images of the probs i’m having. please take a look and see if you know what it may be… i’ll by you a pint in this virtual world. maybe we’ll meet in the afterlife, friends’ll be worth having with all them zombies!

if you open and click view then web and print views you’ll see more learly. :bow: <-- not bowing, i’m bangin my head against the floor! :slight_smile:

Thats a nice mounting tutorial. It looks as though you only give directions for the cd version and I unfortunately have the dvd version. I’m sure you know there is a diference between the two when is comes to mounting the image successfully. Any thoughts?


I did what was told in the tutorial. Also i tried to mount an image with alcohol120. But both ways dont work for me.

Everything works fine till the point i click install ( install F.E.A.R ) trough the autorun menu. Then i get a dos screen for 1 sec, my HD makes a few noises for 2 sec, and it stops. No error, nothing… Install doesnt run.

Anyone have any sugestions?