F.E.A.R. mini-image

With F.E.A.R. version 1.04 I was able to make a mini-image off the cd around 900kb big, then with curerom have daemon tools mount it and play the game, but then I updated F.E.A.R. to version 1.05 and the mini-image won’t work.

I keep getting a popup window saying “Original disc could not be found or authenticated”

What happend between version 1.04 and 1.05 that I can’t use the same mini-image?


Most probably a fresh blacklisting of Daemon Tools, curerom or both.

Well I don’t see it as that because I can use this image, “F.E.A.R. v1.02 [ENGLISH] No-DVD/Fixed Image”

[Link to mini-image deleted. See the rules on mini-images…[I]philamber[/I]]

And it works, so I don’t get what this guy did differnet then what I’m doing, other then the size of 832KB as if this might be some magic number, because I can’t get mine this size and if I make one 860kb or 900kb I get that popup message.

Oh also I didn’t think to mention it, but I have a copy of the game on DVD for a backup, maybe I’ll need to use the original instead, I thought I could do it this way.

Won’t a copy of the DVD or a CD made in Alcohol work to make a mini-image, or I’ll need to use the original DVD?


The file name implies some form of modification (likely illegal) to the image.

What the “F.E.A.R. v1.02 [ENGLISH] No-DVD/Fixed Image” is modified?

Oh you mean by it saying “Fixed Image”, hmm I didn’t really think about that.