F.E.A.R do not update otherwize you wont be able to run the game!

i was playing the game for days untill the update came out
once i updated i cant get it to run without a security module error.

before i could play it mounting it with alcohol then running the game in 2000 compatibitly with hide virtual drives enabled…

but now after the update i get the security module error…

Maybe SecROM7-Stop(SR/.Stop) solves your problem as virtual cd hide isn’t working for me with newest SecuROM versions, while SecROM7-Stop does the job.

p.s. What’s the exact SecuROM version after you updated F.E.A.R?

the protection is this :

[12:41:51 PM] SecuROM detected -> D:\F.E.A.R-Directors CUT\FEAR.exe
[12:41:52 PM] — File(s) Scan Finished [1.23s] —

and thanks that .sr7 stop worked a treat. :slight_smile:

So I am assuming this is not the ‘retail’ version you are talking about as the game only got released today? Also assuming you had the retail version, there would be no need for Alcohol?! :smiley:

you should read a little and do less assuming.
this game was released early 3 days ago infact. by chains that broken the NDA lol

lots of people have had the game way before it was released officialy today.

Wasn’t assuming anything ViRuS2k - had my retail version 3 days ago! It was more a question of should I bother updating my copy or will it kill it :slight_smile:
I’m kinda addicted to it at the moment!

heh :slight_smile:

yeah the game is very good isnt it. :slight_smile:

i need to figure out how to get more performance from this game becuse at the minute no matter what i try the game stutters like a mofo.

if you had postet this yesterday in VU forums, you’d be called a pirate.
there was a thread from one of the dev’s saying: if the demo runs fine, but your version does not, this is because you are using a pirated version!
this thread was removed now…
as i said earlier today, goto www.tweakguides.com and read the news-posts about fear - seems to suck… :wink:

anybody know if it will be possible to backup the cd version of the game to dvd? i didnt want to wait for the directors cut to be released but installing 5cd’s - well it sucks…

Securom 7 is very annoying… my original Motogp3 cd had a lot of problems (now partially solved), after I have contact securom support (very kind); btw even if the original cd won’t run on my ultraplex40x (it says the cd is not original).

They also suggest me not to apply patch because in that case the problem could appear again.

Hmm, for me it works perfect after patching.
Alcohol 120% + SR7.Stop
The same way i used before.

Ok well i seem to have gotten this game to work perfectly at booting with alcohol + srstop+Image

but has anyone found out a way to backup the dvd ?
so when burned it acts like the original for authentication…

or isnt this possible on dvdrom yet due to there inferior raw writeing.

Yeah, I’d like to back it up too - no matter how careful you are, you always end up small scratches and marks on the DVD!

right, 1:1 DVD copies are impossible due to missing hardware capabilities.