F.E.A.R 1.03 protection



Just wondering if anyone has got fear v 1.03 working with a mini image. I tried unplugging my opt. drives, just the power cable. It detects emulation software, so then I used antiblah, and it says something about security module cant load or something. Just wondering if anyone knows what to do to get this working, because I usually have my opt drives unplugged, because I lost my gtr discs and play it via mini image, so its a pain to always plug and unplug and restart… Thanks!


If you have the cd version, it will run just fine from a twinpeak back-up copy. :slight_smile:


I have the original F.E.A.R. Director’s Cut DVD and get works with ANY MiniImage or
I tried to read AlcoholClone Image (if didn’t works get a working MDS file from other
site like copybase.ch). Mount in DTools v4.03 and USE the DaemonTools AntiSecurom
software (download from their site). It works on v1.03 Update and I put out my
original DVD to the Box (for a while).