F drive

hello all, i hope someone can helpim new to comps so please be nice lol. here is my drama. i recently bought a pc with only 8gb of memory (obviously not much). i have now bought a external hard drive with 380gb (f drive). i am now trying to load a game on the comp, however it says there is not enough space to play the game ( needs 13gb). is there anyway to make the f drive the default? or is there any other thing i can do? does that make sense to anyone? any help would be appreciated.thanks in advance.

Can you be more exact as to what model and type of pc that is? Without the computer specs it hard to know why your HDD says what it says. Do you not have a internal HDD?? Cause the internal HDD should be the C: drive so how you went as far as going to F drive is alot of drives inbetween or some setting need to be fix…

The game probably needs some space on C:\drive, even though it can probably be installed on F drive (select the proper drive in the menu when it asks where it should be installed).

However, I fear that if your PC only has a harddisk of 8GB at the moment, the rest of the specs (processor, internal memory, video card, etc.) will not be sufficient to actually play the game, but I may be wrong on that.

As coolcolors mentioned, a bit more details would be helpful.