F confused about ATI Radeon

i am getting a ATI radeon card.

budget - $130-150

someone please suggest me a card & where to buy them

$129 - RADEON 9600 Pro Ultra
$153 - RADEON 9600 Pro Ultimate
$134 - RADEON 9600 Pro 256MB
$128 - RADEON 9600 Pro 128MB

also should i get a 9500 pro or a 9600 pro ???

is there any way i can mod a 9500 pro into a 9700 pro… i heard that kind of stuff few months back. i would preffer a hard mod - since i am running redhat linux on same machine (softmod wont do)

also which is the best manufacture for ati cards - saphier, powercolor, ati…

  1. go for 9600 pro

  2. best manufacturer is Hercules, nice copper coolers and heatpipes. sapphire and 3DConnect is just a bit less as Hercules.
    dont come too close to a powercolor card or it will fall appart, biggest crap ever produced.

If you can find it, go for the 9500pro or the 9500 and mod it to a 9700 (not all 9500np can do this), as they all beat the crap out of the 9600 series. Although the 9600 series are newer and sound better, the 9500 (and ofcourse the 9700) outperform the 9600 series (even the most expensive models of the 9600 series).

Another nice card is the 9700np (that can easily be modded to 9700pro or 9800np). I bought that card for about €190 5 months ago, so I think you can get it for €150 (and that’s the best value for money you can get…).

what is ati 9600 pro == ez ==

what does ez stand for ?

Has anyone tried or heard about ATI Radeon 9600 Pro LE ?
It’s a very cheap card.
Is it worth for it’s price ?

Also what do you think about ATI Radeon Pro manufactured by Club ?

any links to the comparission between all dx 9 ati cards…

:confused: :confused:


French site but graphs are there…be carefull in your choices or 9600 cards…main diff are core speeds:


…au revoir

thanks captqbec

cleared up my doubts.

but wtf is this…


Chipset: RADEON 9600 SE
Memory:128MB DDR
Bus:AGP 8X
SMARTSHADERâ„¢ provides the programmable shader abilities for visual realism
FULLSTREAMâ„¢ removes blocky artifacts from streaming Internet video
Microsoft® DirectX 9 and OpenGL 2.0 support
Ports: VGA + DVI + S-Video Out


where does it stand between 9600np & 9600pro

Comaprisons of the 9600 cards are on the ATI website:


9600SE is bottom of the 9600 series