F*cked up firmware GCE-2585B

I was trying to find an old driver for a modem… and i clicked the H-L flasher that partially flashed the drive with 1.03 firmware before the computer crashed :confused: . can i fix it?

LG CD-R/RW Drive
Model: GCE-8525B

Thanks a lot

Ok, so I’m trying to restore this dead drive with MtkWinFlash with the .hex files i pulled from the firmwares i downloaded from this site (GCE-8525B101(EW) & GCE-8525B103(EW)) but neither of them work. I set the target drive to secondary slave, i load the source and everthing seems ok, the status says “Initializing Drive”, but thats all it does and then i get an “ERR:Fail To Identify FLash Type”… Is it the .hex files? My Comp looks like this:

Windows XP PRO
AMD Athlon 3000+
Asus A7V600
Samsung 512 Mb mem
ST3160023A Seagate 160 gig 7200 RPM (Primary Master)
LGE DVD Player-not sure of specs yet (Secondary Master)
LGE GCE-8525B (Secondary Slave)

Thanks a lot in advance

While booting i noticed my bios took a long time to load and so did windows… so i just did a hot connection of the drive after windows booted and i tried the firmware and sucess! this is the best solution i could find for flashing a dead drive.