EZLabel Taiyo Yuden CD/DVDs.. SHOP HERE?



Hello, I’m new the forum and haven’t seen any comments on this site, ezlabel.com.

They sell Taiyo Yuden CD-Rs and DVD-Rs at GREAT prices (considering you use their limited time coupons.

Has anyone ordered from here? Are these genuine Taiyo Yudens?



You will find similar or better prices, and the best service on the net at www.rima.com .


I dont see the 4X DVD-Rs on rima.com

For a 100-pack they are currently $24.99 on EZLabel (before shipping) if you use the provided coupon.


Any TY G01 media currently for sale is “B-grade” media. Rima does not sell B grade TY.


What is your source/documentation that “any TYG01 currently for sale” is “B-grade”?
Sounds like BS to me.


TY doesn’t sell anything else BUT B-grade G01 at this point. They stopped making it long ago. Most of the known TY-sold B-grade is now G02. So it’s either B-grade from TY or something pretty old from someone else. In fact, there may not be any G01 in the pipeline at all now. This topic has already been fully picked apart in many threads. You get what you pay for. $.25 / disc is not an A-grade price. Personally, I think that A-grade G01 is worth MORE than G02 at this point, for all the folks with 4x burners. If that sounds like BS, so be it.


Perhaps you could clarify the term “B-grade” and the origin of this category of media? Is “B-grade” counterfeit? Factory “seconds”? If you could be more specific it might be helpful to others.
Without some concrete info it sounds like BS to me.


B-grade simply refers to media that is not up to the top factory standards. Depending on the media brand, it can mean anything from total crap to very good media. In the case of TY, B-grade is often no different than A, but there’s no way of being sure until you get it. The TY has also been called “Value-line” by several sellers. Mostly it’s just old stock, but can also include lower quality stuff. With other makers, the terms are less meaningful because their A grade is crap to start with. TY Value-Line 4x has also included G02 as well as G01, (so you don’t always get G01 even though it’s sold as 4x). If you get G02 and have a 4x burner, you may not be happy with the results, so you would want some assurance from the seller that you will get G01. If you have an 8x burner, you should probably just pay the price for A-grade G02.