EZCD and wrong filesize

I have Adaptec EZ CD CReator 4 and I downloaded a techno mix…it’s 1 track and its 64mb and 60+min long. But when i go to add the file to my CD layout Screen (where you drag your music to and drop) it only shows up as a 10 minute song. How can I get the whole 60min track onto the cd?

Please next time you create a thread try to use a more appropriate subject for it. Using vague post subjects like this are misinformative and don’t help you nor any other with similar problems. I will change it, therefore, to something that suits more you to your problem, so that people that do know the answer (which i don’t since i rarely use ECDC) will read it :wink:

Also keep in mind that downloading copyrighted music in any format that you do not own already is illegal and posts related to such activities are not welcome in this forum. I am giving you the benefit of the doubt here, but please keep this also in mind while posting in the future :wink:


How do you know it’s a 60+ minute track? Have you listened to it? What is the playback time in Winamp or other player?

I assume that this is a MP3 file. Is this correct?

Are you using the Music CD project, not the Data CD project?