eZAU422 (iHAS422) media & options question

I own the eZAU422 which is the iHAS422-08 drive inside an external USB enclosure. It came with 4L16 firmware, which I’m unable to find on the LiteOn websites as available for download.

I use only Taiyo Yuden +R (MID = YUDEN000 T02) or Verbatim +R (MID=MCC004) media. Since I just received this drive less than week ago, and since the quality scan thread is SOOOO LONG, I am asking for a suggestion of whether or not the Smart Burn, Hyper Tuning, Online Hyper Tuning, and Over Speed options should be on, off, or a mix of some on and some off for best quality. It seemed like I had read somewhere to turn off all these options except when using low quality media, or unknown media, yet some of the scans I saw seemed to have lower jitter numbers with these options all on (or maybe it was just the luck of the batch of media).

So far, I am running with only Smart Burn on, and all else off. Here is a sample of my results.



Are these burns good enough to warrant not fooling with other settings, or is there room for improvement?

Recommendations, including reasons/explanations why are requested, and I thank you all for taking time to respond.

I find that most Lite-On drives get their best results with SmartBurn (SB) and OnlineHyperTuning (OHT) enabled, and everything else off. This is just a general observation, and each drive will differ, often significantly. ForceHyperTuning (FHT) is only necessary when you have some really troublesome media, and the OverSpeed (OS) setting is totally unrelated, in that it’s purpose is to remove the normal burn speed restrictions on media, but that’s a different issue. A perusal through the Lite-On FAQ will get you up to speed in understanding what these technical features of Lite-On drives are.