Ez vinyl converter to itunes

I agree about the functionality of this software. Is there any reason to directly go to ITunes? Why not just save the MP3’s to a directory then manually import the music to ITunes or save it to your non-Apple MP3 player? Also if you do that it would not matter what release of ITunes you have.

Seems that a lot of the problem here have to do with ITunes compatibility.

Why no checkpoint? Can’t restart without re-capturing all the tracks. Better hope that you don’t have a power drop in the middle of identifying the tracks with Gracenote, Just have to start all over.

Unfortunately some of the vinyl I have is not available on any other format so purchasing it is not an option.

since updating the software to rid myself of the previously mentioned problem, I still can’t figure out a way for it to keep the track names instead of importing every file name as temp1, temp2, etc.

Anyone know how to fix this?? :sad:

Thanx for any and all help!!

has anyone found that after going through the whole process with your cassettes and records,downloading to itunes and find that you lose your sound on your computer and then and you find them in you music folder not in in itunes??

I had the same problem with mine. But earlier this month I went to http://www.ionaudio.com/ezvc and found an up-dated program. I have not had any more proplems with it uploading. I have an old system and it works good and even faster than before. I hope this helps everyone.

just bought Ion turntable with Ez converter program on cd
loaded same
worked first time unfortunately my cd dvd player has stopped
it powers up - it is in the boot program
just not recognized by device manager
–is the issue the new version of Itunes that loads with the EZ software or is it the EZ software ?
Have replaced CD/dvd burner with OEM and it worked once until I activated Itunes to see if the previous session was there.

I thought my ez audio converter was working fine, until I listened to the playback, a few albums later. Apparently the MAC built in microphone (for webcam) or my BLUE Mic, for some reason, are “open” during the transfer process. So in playback, I can hear all conversations in the house. I guess I need to mute these miss somehow?

I am having an impossible time getting past step five and this awful annoying box comes up to stop me from exporting files. I am getting to where this isn’t worth it. Is there anyway I can just export files to my hard drive without this Itunes middleman crap in the way??? I am beginning to HATE Apple!!! I have a mac and never ever imagines this problem to pop up. Help me please thanks so much Mike.

I have just started to use my ION Power play Lp turntable again after a long lapse. I keep getting this message up “unable to export to iTunes. Please make sure you close active windows in iTunes.” It seems looking at the posts that this is an old problem. Could anybody tell me what the latest software is please or should I just bin it!

Personally, I’d reconsider tying myself to proprietary formats like Apple. I’d go for FLAC or start with WAV. You can always create additional copies in ALAC or the like. But I see no benefit from using software that directly imports to iTunes.

Thank you CDAN. I didn’t know that there was any other option. Thanks for taking the time.

Hi bonafido
I had to same sort of issue as you. Did you manage to get it working again and how as I am thinking about getting another ION Turntable.

[QUOTE=Dave1967;2697803]Hi bonafido
I had to same sort of issue as you. Did you manage to get it working again and how as I am thinking about getting another ION Turntable.[/QUOTE]
Hi Dave1967. Yes I did. I should have thought of it before but the problem was my drivers weren’t up todate. I downloaded the latest one and it worked and bypassed the annoying iTunes screen. The music went straight to my C drive. Your deck is probably ok. Good luck

I just got mine working by:

  1. right click on EZ Vinyl tape converter icon
  2. choose properties
  3. select change settings for all users
  4. run in compatibility mode for (i chose win 7 because that is what i use)
  5. run this program as administrator

Might want to do this for Itunes too.

Hope this helps you folks.