Ez dub softwear



Hi, Can someone please help .I purchase a ezdub drive Jan 2008 and downloaded this software but never had to use it and uninstall it later on.Now i really need it because my optical drive on my laptop is out of service i can’t download my liteon software . do you have a solution to my problem.:doh:


Hi and Welcome!

you can download the Ez-Dub software from Liteon: http://www.liteonodd.com/en/service-support/download/cat_view/44-software-tool/54-utilities



Hi Micheal Thank you so much for that quick feedback ,but one little step again am being told to install Nero 7 application first.


Well, this indicates that this Ez Dub software makes use of the Nerü burning engine. I had seen a Version of Nerö9 on that Liteon website, no idea if this can be used also.

Additional thoughts: Ez Dub software is not required at all to operate this drive. The only thing you need is some functional CD/DVD burning software.
And if you really want that Ez Dub stuff, you should try the disc that came with the drive - but caution, Nero7 is not declared as Windows 7 compatible.