EZ-Ds Disposable DVDs are not catching on with shoppers

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  While disposable DVDs were aimed at eliminating the inconvenience of  returning discs and in-turn putting an end to rental fees, their sales have  proved to be disappointing.  ATexas...
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I don’t know why you would want to get rid of rental fees. A lot of family owned rental places around rely on the late fees to keep them in business. A late fee is like automatically getting your customer in the door and renting something else without having to do anything.

The waste that this system produces is reason alone to junk the idea. Plastics don’t decay that fast, if I remember correctly.

until the price is BELOW a rental cost, it makes NO SENSE… farking idiots!

GOOD- Im glad this environmental waste is going to go away. I havent seen them around me yet and hope I never do - even if they are cheaper its such an environmental waste. I think if they come to your market you should take a pin and puncture the packages - let in a little air :frowning:

Now if someone could only do something about all those darn AOL CD’s that I keep having to drive to the post office to pick up because they wont fit in my post box :frowning: I can’t begin to imagine how many end up in a land fill with all of them I recieve alone. My 2 year old son has to grow up on this planet and I hope it’s not a pile of garbage with AOL written on it by then.

WarpCycle - I was thinking about this myself. Why couldn’t a law be written that mandates any such unsolicited advertising offered on DVD or CD media to be placed on re-writable discs. That way, they will be of some use after install or if the product is not desired. It would be beneficial to know what percentage of these discs go straight to municipal landfills. Along with higher postal rates it would also have the effect of curbing this physical spam. It could save a lot of toll on the environment in many ways ie fuel costs to haul the darn things or pick them up at the post office. A side benefit would be the pressure from large companies on media manufacturers to lower prices on re-writable media. Which might be possible thru increased production volumes. In fact, all softwares should be on re-writabe media as then the product could be kept current. Even an AOL customer will not want a disc containing a 6 or 8 month old version.

I forgot about the ‘disposable’ AOL CDs also. While these do not degrade, most simply drop them in the bin upon receiving them by mail or with a magazine. It may be worth checking out www.nomoreaolcds.com if you have a stack of them builing up :stuck_out_tongue: So far, I’m not aware of any such site yet for disposable DVDs.

That is a good point, it use to be usefull when AOL came on floopies. I used to format the floppy and reuse it. If they are going to keep spaming me with the CD’s no matter how many times I call them and ask them to stop. They might as well send it to me on a CD-RW so it’s at least of some marginal use.

I find it amusing how big the reaction is to the “environmental” concerns posed by these stupid products. Sure, in principle it’s a very wasteful idea, but so is SOS Jr disposable washing pads, toilet paper, and just about everything anything is packaged in. A DVD doesn’t constitute a gigantic piece of plastic… I’m guessing it’s just the principles behind marketing a disposable product, and the attitudes that that cultivates in our “throw away” society. I suppose it could also be an issue that DVDs and CDs aren’t exactly the easiest thing to recycle and they won’t ever really biodegrade through natural mechanisms.

I dont buy many of these disposable products and find many of them just as appaling

I guess those AOL cds are pressed anyway, not burned. So my idea won’t work. How about writing - return to sender- no such person living at this address. Drop it off as you leave the post office. :+

It has been told from the beginning that this idea won’t work. But no, they thought they knew everything. I hope they suffocate under a pile of EZ-Ds!

from nomoreaolcds.com " 7. You can’t “return to sender” unwanted AOL cds. As they are sent out 4th class, the post office will just throw them away. So, send them to us and help make a difference."

There is only on thing that hinders EZ-Ds from being succesful: PRICE! Who’ll pay more for less? I’ll continue to rent my dvd’s for now.