EZ Drive Replacement

checking the steps (for drive replacement) revised for newer cases
(No metal cutting needed)

  1. Open drive draw remove draw face plate (bezel)
  2. Open LiteOn recorder case (6 screws)
  3. Detach power connector and IDE cable
  4. Remove grounding bracket (2 screws)
  5. Unscrew and remove old drive (4 screws)
  6. Remove 2 grounding springs (2 screws)

replacement drive prep

  1. Open drive draw remove draw face plate (pops up and off)
  2. Unclip and remove drive face plate (about 5 clip points)
  3. Unscrew and remove drive bottom (4 screws)
  4. Reuse screws to attach 2 grounding springs (4 screws)
  5. Use side cutting pliers to remove 3 small plastic parts in the LiteOn case (at the top of the drive opening)

install in recorder

  1. mount replacement drive in case (double sided tape if needed)
  2. Re fit grounding bracket and anti static springs (bend slightly as needed)
  3. Attach power connector and IDE cable
  4. Attach draw face plate (bezel) (some minor plastic trimming with razor blade needed)
  5. Check fit and draw operation (adjust if needed)
  6. Replace LiteOn case cover
  7. Power up check SN and test operation

Once you get the hang it it, can be done in 5 minites

This is a stupid question, but I will ask it anyway. How do I open the drive door so I can change the bezel? (Have not installed new drive yet). I bought a DVD burner for my Dell (Liteon) and would like to use the black bezel but cannot figure out how to get the white one off.

Turn unit on press open draw unplug unit snap off draw for units in a Lireon, for new drives just insert a paperclip in the small hole in the front and push lightly.