Ez cd creator/sound forge




I play and record live on a daily basis and just lately I’ve run into a snag.

When I burn a cd (using e-z cd creator at a burning rate of 4X’s), from a soundforge .wav file (which I have recorded live and edited), the cd has an “S” problem (almost all my S,s are coming out distorted and sound like “Ths’s). It isn’t peaking, just a little distorted sounding. Enough to call ones attention to it and ruin the recording. I don’t hear this when I listen to the original sound forge .wav file. The eq’ing is fine and the “S’s” sound normal. It’s only audible on the cd I burn.

Any ideas? Or other forums (or newsgroups) that could help?

Thank you so much in advance for any help



Could be many things…
Possibly bad media?
What media are you using? Please post the mid code.
You can also try using a different burning application.