EZ CD Creator: "program memory area update failure"

I have LITE-ON COMBO LTC-48161H DVD/CD-RW drive with the latest firmware. (48x24x48x16).

I get this error almost whenever I burn with Easy CD Creator 6. I tried different media, but I keep getting “Program memory area update failure” error. When I burn with Nero, that error never happens. I always burn with smartburn enabled, but I’m annoyed that Easy CD Creator keeps burning coasters.

Can anyone tell me exactly what is going on, and why can nero use the media fine but CD Creator keeps giving me coasters?


No problem here. I’ve only burned 8 discs with that drive and CD Creator since i got it last week, but I haven’t had any porblems yet.

The Program Memory Area contains information about the recordings on the disc. Before you close the current session, to keep track of all data recorded, PMA (sort of a pre-TOC) is written to the disc in an area that is only accessible by the CD recorder.

In Disc At Once - the Table of Contents is written during the Lead-in because the entire contents of the disc are known from the start.

In SAO and TAO, the TOC is written to the Program Memory Area then rewritten when the TOC is known, taking into account previous Tracks and Sessions.

Maybe you have a combination of settings that are not working or you media is so baaad that the app can’t even write to the PMA!

Well, the media is pretty old. Probably at least a year old made by Memorex. It doesn’t say what speed it’s rated for, but I didn’t think that media made a year ago wouldn’t work in today’s writers.

I found that if I burn at 12x, I get a coaster in 1/5 burns instead of 100% when doing it 40x which nero thinks is good. Even SmartBurn seems to make no difference, which is a shame, cuz I was under the impression that that was the purpose behind it.

Well, on the bright note, with all the coasterss I’ll finish off this stack of CDs much sooner.

Any recommendations on what kind of media I should get? I was also thinking of getting a few CD-RW discs… Any brands I should watch out for?


Check out the Media Forum :bigsmile: