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I own this and am having the same problem!!!

I brought the EyeQ speed reading program and need to make a backup but am finding it impossible. I have read the earlier posts.

I have tried Nero and nti with a Sony CD/DVD without success. The earlier post suggested using ISOBuster and Daemon tools to create a virtual disk. I have done this and it works but all of my CD copies from the CD and all of my copies from the virtual disk do not work.

The disk is not scratched and the original works perfectly. When I put in a copy it tells me that there is some type of reading error and to contact EyeQ.

I own this and just want to backup copy in case my kids scratch it or something.

Can anyone help.

I don’t think it has software protection per se but if it does what is the easiest way to find and disable it?

Many thanks.

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If there is any protection on it then Nero isn’t (unless you are lucky) going to make a copy of it.

The best thing to do is to scan the cd to find out what protection is on it. You can find out how to do this here.. ClonyXXL is probably the most used at present.

Once you have identified the protection then you can get a program to copy it. The three best know ones are Alcohol 120%, Blindwrite and CloneCD.

You can use the profiles already in Alcohol to copy the CD, Let blindwrite decide the best way through it’s wizard interface or try the profiles for CloneCD from this forum.

Note: Some protections can’t be copied on some burners. Because I don’t know what is on the CD I can’t tell at the moment if you will be able to back this up. The best thing to do is to give it a try or post the protection used on the CD so that the best way can be found for you.

Thank you all. I tried 10 protection programs and nothing was picked up on it. I have tried two different cd writers.

  1. Program said “sector error” I then tried Alcohol 120 with Video CD with Sector error protection and still was not sucessful!!!

Unfortunately Clony did not see anything.

I wanted to be able to run EyeQ on a machine without the CD.

I used ISOBUSTER by Smart Projects
to extract the CD to an ISO file

I Right-Click’ed on the Top Level of the CD in the
Directory Tree on the left pane.

Clicked “Extract CD <image>”

Then clicked “RAW (*.bin, *.iso)”

Once it was done, I renamed the “EyeQ.bin” file
to “EyeQ.iso” because DAEMON Tools (see below)
would not recognize the *.bin file.

Then I used DAEMON Tools
to “Mount” the extracted ISO file as a Virtual CD
to bypass the copy protection.

It works beautifully… Now I keep the original Eye-Q CD in a safe place…

Good Luck

My original eyeQ CD is scratched and I can not run it any more. I have made a backup using Nero, but I am not able to use it to install it. Is there anything I can do to get it working again?


I have EyeQ CD which I am trying to back up so I can let my kids run it on other pc’s. However it keeps giveing me a message saying please insert original for “eyeq”. I have tryed scanning the CD with protectionid nothing comes up. I have tried useing isoburn and daemon tool and that did not work. has any one gotten around this problem recently. I have eyeq 3.3

Please help

OK - I used ISOBuster to create the image and then used Daemon Tools to mount the image as a CD. The problem is EyeQ requires the CD to be D: drive and Daemon starts the drives at E:. Is there a way to make the CD drive in Daemon D: or have EyeQ look at E:? I edited the registry and changed the drive from D: to E: with no luck. Any suggestions would be helpful.

^ Uninstall the program and then reinstall from the mounted image and see if you have any better luck.

That worked great. Thanks

Hi l8trdude, I’ve tried to do the same thing a few months ago with no luck. Can you specify the versions of all the programs (e.g. ISO Buster, daemon tool…) you’ve used to make this work? thanks!

I used ISOBUSTER and DAEMON Tools like snowdreamer2000 said, but no EyeQ is still asking for the “original” disk to be inserted.

I am using the recent version of EyeQ (bought August 2008).

Anyone know how to work around the current version of EyeQ, to bypass EyeQ asking for “original” disk, OR to get EyeQ to use a COPY of the original?

Thanks in advance!

hey all just an update not sure is anyone is still looking for this but i have found a way to use eyeq without cd. this was a hard fought process but it works flawlessly for me. if you are interested please [I](removed by moderator)[/I] and i will help you get up and running.

We do not allow personal email addresses in the open forums. If someone wishes to contact you through the forum, it would have to be done via a private message.

I would like to find out how Saltene was able to get eyeq to run without the reg key. Is there a way to get this message to him?:

Can you send me instructions on how you were able to get eyeq to run without the reg key? I have the disk, but lost the key a long time ago.


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