ExtremeMhz reviews the BenQ DW1655

I just posted the article ExtremeMhz reviews the BenQ DW1655.

has just published a review on BenQ’s latest DVD Writer, the DW1655. This latest
offering is a second generation LightScribe drive from BenQ. Have a look over on
ExtremeMhz to see…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11384-ExtremeMhz-reviews-the-BenQ-DW1655.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11384-ExtremeMhz-reviews-the-BenQ-DW1655.html)

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I should have my retail unit fom the little brown truck one day early next week! Can’t wait. :slight_smile:

Same here, Tuesday my 1655 will be here. :g “…the BenQ DW1655 does earn our highest recommendation and “Extreme Excellence Award”…” Nice review. I can’t wait either.

I hope the DVD+R DL 2.4X-6X MKM001 “underspeeding” problem will be solve someday. Strange this happen to a new drive. They miss something in the validation process… And still didn’t support DVD-RAM…

Good review but I have a pressing question. Why does it not come with its own Light scribe software? Yes one could argue that it does come with the software. A likely short version of Nero which forces you to do a complete install before letting you install the Light scribe api. From what I have noticed the truncated versions included with burners only work with that burner. So what happens if you have let’s say a Plextor as well. What happens to the full install version or Nero? Are you forced to go back to the Stone Age? Why can you not install the Light scribe api without installing anything else? One answer is more then obvious and to pretend it does not exist would be some what foolish

>> Good review but I have a pressing >> question. Why does it not come with >> its own Light scribe software? You can use “Free SureThing 4SE - LightScribe Edition” on the official LightScribe site : http://www.lightscribe.com/support/index.aspx?id=307

When the Lightscribe host software is installed from the retail disk or internet (LightScribe Host Software v1.4.62.1)… Any up to date installation of Nero 6 or 7 will have the LightScribe label option enabled. :slight_smile: Mine arrived yesterday. So far, no flaws found. My first LightScribe label came out nice. Did burn it twice to get the blacks a little darker.