ExtremeMHZ reviews the BenQ DW1640 16x DVD+-RW DL

I just posted the article ExtremeMHZ reviews the BenQ DW1640 16x DVD±RW DL.

 edstar used our news submit to tell us that he has spotted this review of the BenQ DW1640 from over at ExtremeMHz.  They ran the drive through some reading and writing tests including dual...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10761-ExtremeMHZ-reviews-the-BenQ-DW1640-16x-DVD-RW-DL.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10761-ExtremeMHZ-reviews-the-BenQ-DW1640-16x-DVD-RW-DL.html)

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Ordered my DW1640 yesterday from Circuitcity. Its on sale! JohnnyJT:g

Decent review, but they keep mixing up -R and +R media, and referring to TY as “Taiyo Yunden”. Time to fire the editor!

lol … agreed tehGrue :slight_smile:

Another glitch: “16x DVD±RW” lol

I have this drive and fully concur with the enthusiastic review.

And another error: “There were a low number of C1 errors and no C2 errors reported with both Verbatim 48x and 52x media.” The 1640 cannot report C2 errors because it doesn’t have that capablity. Still love my 1640 though. :g

Not so sure about that, I believe this was discussed on the forums somewhere, it can pick up C2 errors in CDSpeed but not in EAC… Something like that.

Well I just jumped on the bandwagon with freqnasty and found one for 44 bucks w/free shipping :d

The BenQ DW1640 uses P-CAV (Partial-Constant Angular Velocity) to write DVD+R9 DL at 8x. This gives an average writing speed of 7.50x, and a writing time of 15 minutes and 04 seconds. http://www.cdfreaks.com/article/193/4