Extremely Slow Rip Speeds

I have 2 coms that are bot 3.2 prescotts with 2 gig of ram but for some reason when it comes to ripping dvds they seem powerless.

Im runnin a teac dvd burner in one and a sumsung dvd burner in the other

The max speed i can get up 2 in dvd shrink is 2500kb/s 40 mins
I have check dma and it is in ultra mode 2 in both so i dunno whats the prob any help would be apreciated

If the Teac is a Pioneer, then it has a 2x rip speed lock. Samsung has a speed control utility called Magic Speed available on samsungodd.com, maybe that would let you increase the speed.

You should also check that DMA is enabled for both drives.

From what i can tell i can’t find any firmware for teac Dv-wo5e that will speed up the drive by the way in neros cd-dvd drive speed test i get a flat rate of 2.06x so i think something must be stoping it from going faster


Solve your problem easily by getting a DVD-rom like an Aopen 1648/aap or Sony 1621 or LiteOn 166 for about $25-$30

They are not riplocked and can speed up your ripping considerably - then you can use your burner for burnin’ only without having to do a disc dance-