Extremely slow dvd burning-Lite-on 851s and Nero

Ihave got some problems with my dvd-backup process. I used a lite-on ldw-851s burner, with firmware gs0K, and Nero DVD shrink was the software for backup. There was not problem at first, but after several backups, the burning process became extremely slow, although it showed that writing at 4x speed, but it did not proceed, it took 5 minutes to burn 2%. The only thing I noticed was the buffer level was not as usual (98%), it’s only 20%.

I had this problem and once I uninstalled the softwares and reinstalled. It worked. By the way, when Ihad the problem with Nero, I also tried another software (MyDVD from Sonic, came with the Lite-on burner). Burning was fine with MyDVD, which made me believe the burner does not have a problem. Unfortunately, this slow burning problem came back.

My guess was that I ran another small software from Lite-on (Booktype) to change the booktype of DVD+R disc to DVD-ROM, since they claim that this will improve the compatibility of the discs. Because all the DVDs I backuped with my hardware and software set-up could be played flawlessly in computers, but not by my Apex 3201 DVDplayer, quite some freezes in every single disc. I tried different types of media (-, +, 2x, 4x, 8x, CMC or ritek), all same. I thought my DVD player was too old, but it played some burned DVD movies (from my friend) well.

Any thoughts on the slow burning problem and the freeze problem? Really appreciate your help. Thanks.

this sounds like a dms problem. check your dma to make sure that it has not switched to pio mode.