Extremely slow burning, takes almost 1 hour!

Hi, I’ve got a Sony DRU-810A secondary master with the latest firmware 1.0e, Windows XP SP2, 512 MB SDRAM, Pentium III 866 Mhz, Nero v 7.5.7.

I have burned in Verbatim, TDK and LG ±R dvd’s, but always takes about 50 minutes to finish.

I have tried to change software but it didn’t work, update the firmware, change the position to secondary slave. And nothing seems to work.
Can anyone lend a hand on this?

By the way, I apologize for my english, I’m from Costa Rica, so my natural language is spanish. Thanks a lot in advance

Check your DMA…here is a guide.

I was sure the UDMA-2, was enabled for both IDE, but just in case I rechecked again with th Intel Application Accelerator, because in the Primary IDE Channel Properties, Advanced Settings do not appear.

Other information that you may need to help me?


please uninstall Intel Application Accelerator and use the MS standard drivers. See if that helps.


I can’t uninstall the Intel Application Accelerator because I’ve got a 300GB hard disk. And this program allows the OS to “see” the entire 300GB and not only 128GB

I hope this helps and does not goes against the rules of the forum:

Info of the HD from the Intel Application Accelerator, in the 1.bmp, and in the 2.bmp the info for the DRU-810A.

UPDATE: well I just realized the information is in Spanish, but some of the functions are still in english. And something I don’t know, it’s that the IDE cable for the Sony is recognized as a 40 pin, instead of 80 pin. I apologize for the pics in spanish

As XP with SP2 has built-in support for large HDDs (see http://support.microsoft.com/kb/303013), IAA is not needed any more.

P.S.: Use .PNG format for screenshots as this has the best relation of file size and quality.

are you totally sure that the optical unit has a 80 pin wire?

estas totalmente seguro de que tu unidad optica tiene un cable de 80 hilos?

To mciahel:
OK, I did like you said, and nothing change with the burns on the Sony, but the 48 LBA work perfectly :-D.

Para Leonardo B.:
Si, estoy completamente seguro que es de 80 pines o cables, ya que como ve el del disco duro es de 80 y es el mismo que utilizo para las otras unidades.

To Leonardo B.:
Yes, I’m totally sure that the IDE cable for the Sony it’s a 80 pin wire, it’s the same one that I use for the others drives

Well, thanks to the ones that wrote and try to help me, I did all that you suggested me but it didn’t work out, So i tried in other computer, to realize that my drive was broken.

So thanks for your time and help, and now to reclaim the warranty.

Glad you got it sorted and are looking forward to a shiney new drive.