Extremely slow burn

Within the last week Nero began to have many extremely slow burns, usually ending with errors. I use Shrink/nero, and an older version of nero that is compatible with shrink. Took it to the repair shop and it burned fine there, came home, same problem. Took it to another place, they put on dvd decryptor, and it burned fine… bring it home, still slows burns. Pulling my hair out. Any ideas on this problem. We also use anydvd. Up until this time, we have had no problems whatosever. Thank you.

You have to pin down what is different between the home test and the shop test. I would get the trial of CloneDVD and see how it does. Also, while you are at it, post your drive, firmware, media ID, and specific versions of the software used. My guess would be you have some new discs and they are not part of the burner firmware.

I don’t know if this is helpful at all as I’m unsure of what I’m looking at or for, but under hardware drives, this is what is listed:
HL-DT-ST-DVD+RW GSA-h2IN, then TSST Corp. DVD rom, TS-H352C. I’ve been using Maxell -R discs with great success for nearly 6 months. These discs were in a new pack from Sam’s and its the first time we’ve bought any there. The discs are working on the second computer, and recording from the tv though successfully.
Software is Nero, Anydvd 6.1.14, Shrink 3.2015,
Decryptor 3.5.20.

use CDSpeed and see what your firmware and the new media code on the discs is. Maxell discs can be many different discs so it is possible that they are not recognized in the firmware. I am not that familiar anymore with the LG newer drives; you should post in the LG forum once you get the firmware and media ID and see if they have any ideas.

Did the service center use your new discs when they tested or their own?

I will check out CDSpeed. The service centers used their own discs and they burned optimally. Last night we did burn a backup of a movie on a random DVD we had, Memorex +R, and the movie burned, yet it took an hour just to burn. No errors tho. I d/l some info on read/write speed. We have a Dell, and this article mentioned something about DMA and how it often reverts back to PIO… my husband is getting new discs now and I’ll report back. Appreciate your help.

Have you checked your DMA? http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=101616

You really don’t need new discs, just post the Media ID of the old and the new so we can see the difference. CDSpeed is free and take just a minute to find the ID. Also try CloneDVD, also free to try.

Given that the service center did not use your discs, big mistake, they look like the problem. Flashing to a new firmware could solve the problem.

We’ve printed out the DMA info and note that the transfer mode is set on PIO. We’re not literate enough to get into regedit, etc., is there an easy simplified way to change this. Also confused about ‘secondary IDE channel’ as we don’t see anything named that. Thanx.


Thanks chas0039!! We’re back in business, and its burning beautifully. Appreciate your time. And we always learn alot thru the frustrating process.