Extremely slow burn on 812S@832S

I have a Liteon 812S. I was using F/W US0Q and was able to burn DVD without any problem. My media is YUDEN000T01 +R. Today I downloaded the F/W 832S.VS0B.patched-cf.rar and followed the instructions for 812S@832S. After applying the patch, I have major problem. When I try to burn a DVD (using Nero, the burn process is extremely slow. After 30 minutes of burning, only 10% is done. (Before applying the patch, it took about 15 minutes to burn a complete DVD at 4X). When the burn process is started, I see a solid red light on the DVD burner. A few seconds later, it turns to flashing red and stay like that.

I then tried to revert to US0Q Using the OP and selected croosflashing, but still have the same problem. Now it doesn’t matter which F/W I am using, the burner behaves the same way: burning extremely slow. I have gone through 7 discs with no luck. Based on the Nero Info Tool, both ASPI (verison 4.6) and Nero ASPI are working correctly. What did I do wrong? Please help. Thanks

Have you restarted the computer since updating the firmware?

Yes, I reboot after every update

I forgot to mention something. I did not go straight from US0Q to VS0B at the beginning. I first updated from US0Q to CG3B by running the .exe in the 832S.CG3B.patched-700A.rar. That’s when the slow burn started. Next, I downloaded the 832S.VS0B.patched-cf.rar and applied the patch using OP (with crossflashing selected). Windows XP recognizes the drive as 832S. After this point, I still have the same problem. So I reverted back to US0Q from VS0B, but that doesn’t solve my problem either.

Did I screw up by going directly from US0Q to CG3B?

I stopped all the burnings after 30 minutes (with only 10% completed) because I am afraid that the burner may be damaged. I tried to burn one DVD after updating from US0Q to CG3B and it only completed 30% after more than 2 hours.


According to Nero Info Tool, DMA is enabled.

The burner was working fine (US0Q) before the 812S@832S upgrade. Does it make sense that DMA is affected after the F/W upgrade?

What else do I need to check?

I’ve had DMA switch off on me for reasons unknown. Just yesterday, I had a 35-minute “16x” burn because somehow, my system decided that PIO was better than DMA.

To be honest, I don’t really trust what InfoTool says. Run KProbe2 and use the Drive Info tool. Read what the “burst rate” is; that’s the best indication of whether or not DMA is really on or not.

I ran driver query from Kprobe yesterday. The burst rate is about 26

Check that DMA is also enabled on the harddisk, virus scanner is off. During burn use the taskmanager to monitor CPU and memory usage. CPU usage has to be quite low, at least 20 MB physical memory should be still available.

DMA is also enabled on the hard disk. CPU usage is low and there is plenty of RAM available.

Any more suggestions?