Extremely Good Deal On 1000 watt Quality PSU


Directron has the PC Power & Cooling 1000 watt Power Supply Unit - Refurbished - for only $70 plus shipping here:


Can I chop that into thirds and have 3 reasonable sized Power Supplies? A full KiloWatt? Watt for?

[QUOTE=olyteddy;2659288] A full KiloWatt? Watt for?[/QUOTE]


This is more fiction than reality,but after running this test,I got a whopping 945 Watts score!!! :eek::eek:

Lucky me,I already have a 950 Watts PSU…:bow: :bigsmile:

I canot believe thats a really quality PSU for such a price…

It’s a refurb so I can believe it, and I’ve had a few earlier PSU that had quiet thermally controlled 80mm fans, they were about as quiet as my newer one with a 140mm as long as the thing wasn’t getting warm playing a game.
If anyone needs a mondo supply but is bucks down these would be a good gamble and choice.
Mine is a 850 that runs all my goodies fine and also my hungry 4870x2 video card. IF this had been available when I needed a power supply I would have jumped all over it.

[QUOTE=chef;2659358]I canot believe thats a really quality PSU for such a price…[/QUOTE]

Yo chef-

Then Google “PC Power & Cooling Power Supplies” and see for yourself-eh!! :rolleyes: