Extra's... I don't need them



Hi Guys,

A friend of mine and I have different methods of ripping our original DVD collection. We like to borrow each others movies and view them. But a problem we have is that he likes his menus and I don’t.
Therfore I have to rip the menus and extras, with DVD Shrink, and he keeps the menus and HAS to keep the extras because of this; which also reduces the video quality.
I need to know if there is a program or an option in DVD Shrink to remove the extras without removing the menus ?
This would help us both…



I can see why you can’t just remove the extras, as the menu’s would then be broken, and that would lead to problems with playback.

Maybe it should come with a short 10 sec of black that you could use to replace the the extras with


Too bad this is not allowed…you can only backup the DVDs you own…for personal use (hence, you are not allowed to copy your friend’s DVD for yourself.

Please respect CD Freaks by respecting our rules!