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Why do I get problems using
AudioCatalyst extracting audio-files
using MSCDEX, in a Samsung 8X speed
cd-player. It won't work, the only
thing that works is using my
Philips CDD 3610 cd-write/reader
with the scs1hlp1.vxd

Why is that?
Where can I find a cracked version
of AudioCatalysT? Isn't WinDac better?
Why does philips sometimes crash extracting
till the halft. Will that damage my cd-writer
after a time?

What is the difference between ATAPI

thank you


I had it to with that program, but since i use musicmatch what you can download on www.musicmatch.com i never had those problems agains. Probably, they had overwritten you files, or something else.


I’ve used several different programs.
Most of the times I use windac… it’s
a very good german program, you’ll find it here http://www.windac.de/ . I was also
wondering if there was a crack available for windac… But since no one knows it…

When I want to copy cd’s I always first copy them to my HD. So normally that won’t give me
big problems… But still, sometimes there are cd’s I can’t copy. Also the Smashing Pumpkins Double CD was ‘incopiable’!! Perhaps because it was a little bit damaged. Is there no other way than do it analogue?

I also had the same problem with the newest cd of Orgy… brandnew, but still my copier didn’t want to rip it!


You can extract them with nero to wav, convert them to mp3.

Or you can do it all-at-once with musicmatch jukebox


The best programs for ripping audio CDs are :

  1. AudioGrabber
  2. AudioCatalyst

Get FULL versions at : http://www.cdrsoft.net -> CDRTOOLS

  1. Easy CD-DA Extractor http://www.poikosoft.com/cdda/download.html

Those programs work fine for me, using an Aopen 40x CDROM and an HP7200i CDR drive.

Give them a try !


The best program to copy Audio CDs is
EAC-Exact Audio Copy.

It uses the new fuction on CD-Rom Drives,the C2 error correction.
It has an extra security copy modus for scratched CDs,and it`s Card-Ware.That means the only thing you have to do to register it…send the Author a Postcard from your country.


Get it at:WWW.exactaudiocopy.de